From the LA Times and Washington Press come this morning’s headlines:

D.C. attorney general sues Trump inaugural committee over $1 million booking at president’s hotel

Democracy Dies in Darkness

U.N. calls for investigation of Saudi crown prince’s alleged involvement in targeting Jeff Bezos and opponents

Senate adopts ground rules for trial, delaying a decision on witnesses

Chief justice admonishes impeachment lawyers, telling them to ‘remember where they are’

Trump threatens Europe with fresh tariffs in Davos, deepening a rift with longtime U.S. allies

U.S. screenings for the coronavirus expanded to airports in Atlanta and Chicago

Senate rejects Democratic measure to subpoena acting White House chief of staff Mulvaney for testimony in Trump’s impeachment trial

Chinese coronavirus outbreak reaches the U.S. 

These are just this morning’s headlines. Many more will come and they will all be as bad — or worse — than these. No wonder we are stressed!

17 thoughts on “THIS MORNING’S HEADLINES WITH MORE TO COME – Marilyn Armstrong

  1. I have not been watching so much news. I have listened to the morning news as I have my breakfast, and then that is all. I have been out in my garden this morning and see one tomato turning red. Sadly my garden seems very slow, this year. I hold on to how lucky I am to be able to grow my garden and have full rain water tanks.
    I feel it would be so easy to just live here on my little acre and pop into town every so often for shopping and socialisation. Just enjoy my garden, the wild life, my dogs. Not think too much about anything else. I know I am dreaming that is not me…


  2. I have been listening to the rain. It started raining heavily late yesterday afternoon and has continued since. I went to bed and fell asleep to the sound of rain on the roof. I woke up before seven to let Cindy out and it was still raining hard and so it still is two hours later. It’s the time of the day when I catch up with the world’s news but frankly, I prefer what’s going on beyond my windows.

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