White winter light and birds of color

These were taken yesterday when it was even colder than today. Considering that early this morning it was several degrees below zero, “even colder” means something.

How do the poor little birds keep their tiny feet from freezing? You’d think they would grow feather stockings or little feathery boots on their tiny feet. I want to take them all in and warm them up!

Flapping wings and changing feathers. One of these Goldfinches looks like he has a black eye, but it’s just a black feather that’s a little out of place.

A Black-eyed Goldfinch and the feathery other …

I look at their tiny little feet and I feel immediately cold. How do they keep from freezing in this deep winter weather?

Junco and stone toad

Two Goldfinches on the finch feeder

Are these little birds ever warm during the winter months? And finally, one special photograph …

Chipper Sparrow in a graphic style

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  1. I love your shots of the birds at your feeder Marilyn. I too wonder how they keep so warm, with no protection in just our milder winters. I watch them take baths in winter and admire them. It is fascinating to me the way different animals and birds are devised and mechanisms to survive most weather.


  2. All I can say is, it’s wonderful you provide for them. I agree, I’ve always wondered how those little feet stay warm, mine certainly don’t! hmmm.


  3. I foresee a whole new industry – Booties for Birds?


  4. Fabulous bird squares Marilyn, and it is I agree quite extraordinary how they don’t freeze


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