An Impeached President

My thoughts exactly.

This, That, and The Other

624C6C04-5D7C-40CE-963A-2F770EB554CCThe Republican majority in the U.S. Senate represents a minority of American Citizens. These Republican senators represent less than 44% of the American population. And yet, these Republican senators can block the conviction of an impeached president.

An impeached president who has committed crimes much more serious than those of Richard Nixon during Watergate, which led to Nixon’s resignation in 1974.

An impeached president who was impeached for acts a lot worse than lying about a blow job, which led to Bill Clinton’s impeachment in 1998.

An impeached president who lost the popular vote in 2016 by almost 3 million votes.

An impeached president who suffered the largest midterm election defeat in U.S. history in 2018.

And an impeached president who abused the power of the presidency and obstructed Congress’ investigation into that abuse.

This is the American democracy in 2020. What a shame.

Political cartoon: Matt Wuerker, Politico.

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7 thoughts on “An Impeached President

  1. Thanks for the reblog, Marilyn. Tomorrow the Republicans will be front and center in the Senate protecting their dear leader. All I can say is that I’m glad I’ll be busy getting ready for my move. Otherwise I might end up kicking the screen on my TV.


    • I try not to get too deep into it because it makes me feel as if I’m losing my mind. It’s why I usually reblog these posts.

      Frankly, I have no idea how things got this bad so fast. Three years of Trump is like 100 years since Obama and maybe a thousand since the 1960s when despite everything, even politicians had a conscience.

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      • Personal FOUL: Helmet head and Bonespurs to helmet.

        20 yards, 1st down and Donzo is suspended for egregious behavior.


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