Great light for an all-black dog 

With two black Scotties in the house, getting a good picture of them is really difficult. If there’s too much sun, the sunlit parts look like white patches. If there isn’t enough light, all you see is a fuzzy lump. We recently got Gibbs groomed and he looks very dapper. They trimmed him tightly — not like a show dog but like a dog you are trying to keep clean during a long, muddy winter.

Good light for solid black fur is bright, but not sunny. A day with a flat gray sky with the pictures taken just before the sun came around to the western side of the house. I think this is as good as it gets from the point of view of light for this picture.

Gibbs really looks like the Wolfman. Poor Larry Talbot!

Gibbs has the most soulful eyes.

With the snow and rain coming in waves and the temperature going from bitterly cold to almost spring in as little as three hours — it jumped 40 degrees today between 8 in the morning and noon — gooey mud is a big issue. So are ticks and fleas because we haven’t had weather consistently cold enough to put them into cold storage.

I figured I’d better take pictures while he still looked good. In another week, he’ll look all grubby again.

23 thoughts on “GREAT LIGHT FOR AN ALL BLACK DOG – Marilyn Armstrong

  1. Treacle was like that. She was from a hoarder. She was so anxious and nervous. She would standso close to me I could not see her. Broke my heart. I would have to carry her when we went out and she was happy to meet people and be petted but oh no She would not go to another person. Toby helped to be less anxious and fearful. Sometimes having another dog can be so helpful.


  2. Oh poor Gibbs. Oh I can not imagine ignoring a dog as soulful as he is. I did not know that about Terriers. So does Gibbs sit near you.
    Busby likes to sit on my lap in the morning and at night for a cuddle, he is 41kg/90lbs. But he is so gentle how he climbs up on my lap, he thinks how and where to put his paws..I end up bruised but it is so worth it. He is a scardy dog, (not sure what happened he was a rescue puppy I raised from four weeks old with 2 siblings) so potentially my fault.


    • A friend and also a breeder says that dogs remember their early years better than we think they do. Duke was a stud dog in a kennel, so he had a lot of time with other dogs — girls — but no time with people other than being dragged out of his crate for grooming. When we got him, it looked like he had never had free run of an open yard. He went outside and literally ran around the yard (pretty big yard, too) for almost 8 hour, then plopped himself on a sunny rock and lay there until the sun went down. He was finally FREE.

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  3. Gibbs is such a handsome boy. You have captured a black dog so well perfect light condition. I like that there is a wee touch of tartan in the foreground. His eyes are so deep. It is so good he has found such a wonderful furrever home with you guys Marilyn. Totally agree with you about him not wanting to kiss you!.. Busby can be a bit selective too. then he will let me but he gives me a huge lick with his big tongue..that is dog love for you.


    • Terriers don’t like to sit on your lap, be lifted off the floor, or be kissed. But they do like TO kiss you — and they will happily sit next to you. They all like to have their feet solidly on the floor. Gibbs wasn’t abused, but he was completely ignored for years. It has taken him years to learn to like people. But he gets frightened easily.


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