First published Feb 15, 2015 – YouTube

My collaborator, Leslie Martel of swo8 Blues Jazz did the work. She composed the music and wrote the words. She also put the video together. Posted it to YouTube. I think that’s all the work. I merely supplied photographs.

It hasn’t been a memorable winter except for it being mostly warmer than usual with sudden patches of very cold weather. A little snow, a lot of rain. One day it’s springtime warm and the next? Zero and a lot lower than that. You think the climate is changing? Nah.

This video is called Winter Blues, a unique, fun collaboration between me and composer-musician swo8 Blues Jazz.

Cardinal in the snowy branches

Up to the rail having jumped from the tree

Before this longest yet, ironically, shortest (by the length of day) month is finished, I hope to have more winter photographs. It’s not that I love snow. I just want my seasons back where they belong.

Since Leslie ran her copy of this today, I thought I’d run this tomorrow. Wait, this IS tomorrow!

11 thoughts on “WINTER BLUES – SWO8 BLUES JAZZ AND WINTER IN NEW ENGLAND – Marilyn Armstrong

  1. really enjoyed your story photos and jazz music about the winter vortex storm. I will have to try very hard not to complain about our winter after watching that one and all you experienced. I struggle to imagine how a home flooded by broken pipes in that sort of winter could be cleaned and rehabilitated

    what a bird the red cardinal is..


  2. Again?, only a short while ago, you posted this co-work and we commented on it. Or a blunder? Or has it such a strong reaction on you that you HAVE to repost it once again?
    Anyway, the video is great and I LOVED watching and listening (to) it again. It really evokes the best and worst of winter.


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