A Bolt from The Blue That Just Might Take Trump Down – REBLOG – THE SHINBONE STAR

A nice little summary of Bolton, the man, Trump, the moron, and valid use of the word “pettifogging.” You don’t see that much these days. I love the line: “No doubt that is why Trump hired him, though his pride wouldn’t allow him for long to consider there was a person out there who could eat his lunch and ask for seconds.’



— Alex Wong/Getty Images

On Sunday afternoon, the Gray Lady chimed on our Google Assistant to fill us in on John Bolton, former National Security Advisor for Donald Trump. He is a clever  guy.

Bolton sent his tell-all White House book manuscript to the White House to get it vetted for security leaks, and it got leaked faster than Trump’s lunchtime iced tea. While the Senate decides what it should do now, the rest of America is snickering over the absurdity of it all.

Apparently, Bolton saying he wanted to testify at Trump’s Senate trial only “if subpoenaed” wasn’t garnering him any face-time, something he craves. So he reportedly wrote a scandalous book detailing why his former boss really is an inept bozo for arbitrarily withholding almost $400 millions in desperately needed military aid for Ukraine.

“Over dozens of pages,” The New York Times says, “Mr. Bolton described how the…

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