Sunrise Flight

Dawn on Ogunquit beach. It was about 4:30 in the morning when I dragged my body from the bed, threw some clothing on including long sleeves, long pants, and socks. Not because it was so cold. It was a warm September, but I had already discovered that the mosquitoes are voracious in those early hours.

One gull flying over the shore on the hunt for clams and crabs

Looking for breakfast at sunrise

At first, the beach was completely empty, but gradually as it got closer to daylight, there were runners and strollers. Couples hand-in-hand … but apparently only one photographer. Everyone else stayed close to the incoming tide and many walked in the water.

Plovers and a lone gull

I was looking for a wider view, so I stayed back. The farther you are from the water, the worse the mosquitoes become. I think I may have been the only “live one” on the scene.


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  1. I can see it in my minds eye – your photos are a big help. Nothing like a glorious beach at sunrise.

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    • Ogunquit is particularly pretty with the houses down at one end and open beach in a long curve on the other. There was a perfect mist on the house end of the beach. There’s also a river that run down a hill into the water. Kind of perfect. It was September and there weren’t many people around.

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  2. Thanks for sharing these with us, Marilyn. Beautiful!

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  3. Nice photos. My wife loves Ogunquit, but I tend to like the more “Down East” parts of the Maine coast.

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  4. Awesome pictures.


  5. I love the colours in all of these pictures.


  6. absolutely stunning Marilyn, so happy you braved the mosquitoes for us!


  7. You can’t beat dawn on the seashore. Gorgeous photos.


  8. wonderful photography !!

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