SHARING THE WORLD – Marilyn Armstrong

Sharing My World – 1-18-2020

Scrooge McDuck

First, all things petty, but maybe not so petty includes the money we need to replace our creaky old furnace (about $8000, but we can get a 7-year interest free loan and an $800 deduction from our electric company) and the vast amount required to fix Bonnie’s teeth — $800 is way beyond our means. One of Garry’s teeth also needs repair and that’s only HALF what they want to fix Bonnie’s teeth.

The toilet in the main bathroom cracked and has to be fixed. Not one of those things that can wait, either. More debt when I was so hoping we’d get a few months off trying to collect some buckaroos to fix all the rest of the stuff that needs repair. Paying all this stuff off should be very interesting. I refuse to try to find out what might be wrong with me. It might be expensive.

I wonder if we are going to get a tax refund? We sure could use one! Now to the questions:

1.  To what age would you like to live?

Gold Elgin .- A circle!

Until life has nothing left to offer me or I haven’t the ability to enjoy it. I’m not sure what that means, but I think I’ll know it when it arrives.

2.  To what mystery do you wish you knew the answer?

Why has the world become so icky and unpleasant? Here I was, struggling along, trying to make do on whatever we have and suddenly there’s a plunge into chaotic fascism with which I’m pretty sure I had no part in creating. But maybe I’m just fooling myself. We all think we are innocent because we didn’t do anything officially or legally wrong, only to discover that our inaction WAS the problem. Sadly, I’m too old to fix it.

This could be the answer! Uninviting washrooms cultivate Bolsheviks!

I will be proudly supportive of the fixers, but I don’t think I’ll be one of them, except as a soft-spoken cheerleader.

3.  Does absolute power corrupt absolutely?

Apparently so.

4.  What outdoor activity haven’t you tried, but would like to?

A ride in a hot-air balloon would be very pleasant. I’ve done a small bit of gliding and that was fun. I love flying, so a balloon sounds a lot like flying or maybe floating on air.

5. Please free free to share some gratitude from your world!

We have a second toilet.

20 thoughts on “SHARING THE WORLD – Marilyn Armstrong

  1. I’d quite like to have a ride in a hot air balloon too. I imagine it would be very quiet and peaceful.
    I’d be full of gratitude over a second toilet too if my main one was cracked.


  2. It is hard when things break and need to fixed asap and it is impossible to see how you can manage. I do hope you get a tax return and it covers you needs.


  3. Thanks Marilyn for Sharing Your World! That gratitude portion is spot on!! I don’t know how I survived the majority of my life with only one bog. Well that and a dishwasher. Both have made life so much better! In my humble opinion, the common (wo)man didn’t cause this mess that our world is enduring, greed and (as you mentioned) inaction by good people did. And I’m really glad someone else sees that bone head in the white house as a fascist. I was beginning to doubt my own reason.


  4. We have three toilets, one has a leaky seal, one has suddenly decided not to flush since I switched to a different water tank. The third one is fine but it is raised up like a throne and anyone taller than me could crack their head using it.


    • Taswegian you may have a an air block from switching tanks. If you have a pump with a flush device a handle that lets you let some water off. Replaceing the seal is it the one connecting the toilet to the plumbing? I was surprised how relatively easy it was to replace. I am sure there would be videos on Youtube. Might save you a small fortune.

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        • Well, ours is fixed. It’s so big and it’s a normal height. I raided the last money in our account for half of it, and the other half he took a check for the first, so I didn’t have to go further into debt. It turns out the floor wasn’t wet and sagging. It didn’t have any joists under it, so it was trying to fall through the floor. THAT would have been very ugly. We had no idea!

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          • It would have been ugly. Something similar happened to us some years ago. Our shower unit floor cracked, water started leaking through. The floor was made of chipboard which had not been well sealed. Result, my foot went through the floor up to my knee. I warned David not to use the shower but he thought he could step over the gap. As he was twice my weight that did not end well.

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      • The connect only cost $10. What the REAL problem turned out to be was a lack of joists supporting it. There was nothing under it except a 3/4 inch piece of wood and a slab of linoleum. If the bowl hadn’t broken, someone would have sat on it and it would have gone right through the floor into the basement. And we had no idea.

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