An advertisement I couldn’t abide showed up on an email this morning, as follows:

Content from Partnership for America’s Health Care Future
American families can’t afford Medicare for All.

Studies confirm that Medicare for All would force Americans to pay more for worse care. Economists agree, there’s “no way to pay for Medicare for All without tax increases.”

After I got on Medicare, I’ve had the best medical care I’ve ever had in my entire life.

I’ve had the best doctors, been to the finest hospitals, and not been afraid to see a doctor when I thought I needed one. I’m pretty sure without Medicare, I would be dead. The only thing better than Medicare alone is Medicare with Medicaid.

I don’t know what it would cost, but compared to commercial insurance, Medicare is cheap. When they calculate what “national” Medicare would cost, they never calculate what medical care is already costing Americans.

How about subtracting the current cost of care from the total and THEN tell us what it would really cost? Because we pay a fortune for medical care in this country, far more than they pay in other “first world” countries. We do NOT get better care for the money.

Then, how about calculating how many people die for lack of any medical care? What’s the price tag on that?


How in the world can you lose your glasses when you essentially never remove them except to sleep? That is this morning conundrum. I tried to fit it into someone else’s prompt, but no matter how hard I shoved and pushed, it just didn’t fit.

I know I was wearing my glasses last night. I’m pretty sure I wore them into the bedroom and obviously at some point, I took them off. I always put them on either my little computer table or my night table. Occasionally, I put them on the headboard which has bookshelves and every once in a blue moon, I discover I left them in the bathroom or they are caught in the bedclothes, meaning I fell asleep with them on.

Garry and I hunted through all the places they ought to be and a lot of places they shouldn’t (but might) be.

Nothing. We then added the clothing I took off when I went to bed. No glasses. They aren’t under or behind the bed nor in the drawer in my end-table — OR the bag in which I keep my medications. Not in the bathroom, not forgotten in the living room which I considered unlikely since I was watching Colbert before I went to bed and no doubt was wearing them while watching.

I gave up and put on another pair.

Where are they? I didn’t leave the house. I didn’t go downstairs. They have to be up here … but where?

The worst part of hunting for your glasses is that you can’t see because you can’t find your glasses. Oh well. I suppose they will show up at some point, hopefully not crushed under my ( or someone else’s) shoe.

ANSWERED MYSTERY:  In the wastepaper basket.

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  1. so glad You found Your glasses.
    As to medicare, here in Australia as a healthcare card holder I pay nothing to see my GP who bulk bills, or my psychologist, Even without a healthcare card if I had to go to a public hospital I would not pay a cent. Even when I worked as RN/RPN here in Tasmania, I did not have private health, as many of the nurses in the private sector were working full time in public and picking up extra work in the private sector. As the Only public hospital in Hobart is a training hospital, it is monitored and has more checks than either of the private facilities. Even if you pay top health insurance here you still have gap payments to make which seems totally wrong.

    The only thing I should perhaps look at is dentistry and glasses, though for glasses i Just have magnifiers for when my eyes are tired. (I have a weird eye) Otherwise I can read with out them, But I do have a air in my bag, one near my bed one in the car, and on near my chair down stairs. (at less than $10 AUS a pair cheap). Dentistry on the other hand is so expensive and the waiting times for anything on the public dentist here is huge and you even have to wait for some emergencies! Oh well.


  2. I have no less than five spare pair. Because I’m virtually blind without my glasses. I couldn’t go buy some more, I’d have to find someone who could drive me the 50+ miles to Salt Lake City where my eye care specialist has his practice. The five (which is a tad excessive) pair range from “I can almost see perfectly” to “Well, I can’t really see very well at all, but it’s better than Blur City that I face if I have no glasses on at all” . Getting Medicare to pay anything much at all for eye care (they do not pay for prescription glasses) is a challenge. And I recall my elderly parents having the medicare/medicade combo package. But Utah, in its alleged wisdom decided to do away with medicaid a few years back. They’ve reinstated it now, but I’m too wealthy (by about a dollar and a half) to qualify. And I’m not up to the task of cutting through all that %$#@ red tape anyway. I’m glad you found your glasses at last!


    • It depends on what package you have, but they don’t make it easy. They will (again depending on package) pay something towards ! pair of glasses and for your checkup. I wind up paying for glasses myself or I reuse an older frame. No one has up to date glasses because no one has money. Medicaid used to pay for the whole thing but WE are dollar too rich too.


  3. Thank goodness you found them. I was about to suggest the fridge.

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  4. Lucky you knew where the spare pair was. I have the same trouble, if I forget where I put them down it’s very hard to find them because I need them to see. They have thin gold rims and if I take them off while I am dressing for example, and put them on the bed or they fall on the floor it is quite hard to find them again. I usually keep them in a holder on my bedside table at night so I know where they are. Luckily I can read without them and sometimes take them off when I am reading. I know, I need new ones, can’t afford it right now. I reckon that your glasses probably are in the bedroom, maybe if not in the pillows can they fall between the mattress and the bedhead? I’ve lost the Kindle down there a few times when I have fallen asleep reading or shoved it under my pillow as I drop off. I also lost my watch for two weeks and it turned out to be in my dressing gown pocket. Anyway, I hope you find them. Do you actually put your glasses on when you sleep walk?

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    • I don’t know what I do when I sleepwalk. Once, I unloaded all the laundry from the dryer, apparently intending to fold it. I have hidden important pieces of jewelry and other items. I really don’t know what I do and if other people hadn’t seen me do it — not to mention waking up in a different room than I went to sleep — I wouldn’t even know it happened.

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  5. Truly it’s no laughing matter, even though it strikes you as funny. I’ve done it a number of times. Because they are charcoal gray, they blend into the background, even on white, as I’ve recently found out! Much to my chagrin! lol


  6. lol! I hope you find the glasses soon!


  7. I use dollar store cheaters now so I have dozens of glasses all over. When you where them all the time you know they can’t be far…but where?

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    • “Not far” can be really hard to find! I usually fall asleep while listening to an audiobook and when I wake up, realize that I need to fold up the Kindle and put away the headset unless I turn on the light, it’s pretty easy to make a mess.

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  8. when I take my glasses off, I need someone else to find them for me. check under your pillow and inside the pillow case. don’t ask how I know to check in those places.


  9. One time my friend and her husband tore the house apart looking for her glasses, only to find that she was wearing them


  10. I have a friend who has multiple pairs of glasses — regular distance, reading, computer, dark,and I think one or two other pairs. They’re usually right where he left them! When I am with him, we are forever looking for glasses. I once sat on the bed as I was looking, and there they were right beside me.


  11. You and my Hubby match. He has several pairs of glasses (one set for reading, one for distance and at least two spares of both), but he can never find the ones he wants. I’ve bought him pouches, I’ve bought him spectacle chains and we have a coffee table with an empty fruit bowl which now houses currently 2 pairs of glasses and he’s wearing a third, with a fourth perched on the back of the sofa. I have even threatened to velcro or staple them to his head!
    I wear mine all day, take them off at bedtime and put them on the nightstand where they will be in the morning for me to put on again.


    • It’s having multiple pairs that get you. I have two pairs of sunglasses and now, one distance and one computer. The ones that disappeared were computer/general seeing glasses. I think I have another pair of distance glasses, but I rarely wear them because when I wear them, I can’t see ANYTHING up close. The sunglasses live in my bag, the others on the end table next to the computer. I had one pair, now missing, that were a little longer in vision than the computer glasses, but not as strong as the long vision glasses and they were good because while the distance end was fuzzy, I could still see almost everything with one pair.


      • Mine are varifocals so cover reading and distance as I got fed up taking them off to read or putting them on to watch TV. Trying to watch a film and write to my Mum made me sea sick!


        • Varifocals make ME seasick too and when I look down at the stairs, I can’t see where they are. They seem to have ripples and waves. I wish the varifocals did work. It would make life so much simpler. I was actually hoping for cataracts so I could get implants. Then I’d only have to worry about reading glasses. I don’t have cataracts. Of all the things to NOT have …


          • My first varifocals didn’t suit at all and I stepped off kerbs that weren’t there or misjudged doorways. I saw a different optician after that and I’ve never looked back. Just got new specs, and I’m really pleased.


            • Maybe I need a better eye doctor.


              • The varifocals I had first had a very narrow channel of graduated vision which is why I couldn’t get on with them. There are different ‘widths’ depending on use and peripheral vision requirements, so might be worth further investigation. We were lucky in tracking down our optician from years ago as we’d left the area for a while and she’d opened her own practice. We have every faith in her.


  12. looked under the bed or the bedside? Hero Husband has a tendency to put his just about anywhere, from the roof of the car (????), to where he’s sitting at the moment, to putting them carelessly on their glasses – I can’t even bear looking at them anymore… His (also medical) sunglasses are mostly not where he needs them when he needs them; I don’t know how he can function at all – I’d be blind like a bat and I make damn sure I know where I put them.
    Have you found them?


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