SAD MOMENT OF THE DAY – Marilyn Armstrong

I’m making dinner for the dogs. Usually, they all swirl around my feet. This time, Duke was sitting quietly watching me … and Bonnie was waiting at the top of the stairs for Gibbs to come in for dinner.

And there was nothing at all I could say to her except “I’m sorry, Bonnie, but he won’t be coming home again.”

30 thoughts on “SAD MOMENT OF THE DAY – Marilyn Armstrong

  1. It is difficult for those left behind. When my Smithfield Toby died, I had gone out leaving them at home (something I very rarely do). I came home and no one came racing to the door to greet me. I came inside, and Treacle and Busby were up on the lounge. Toby was asleep on his bed at least I thought he was. He had died in his sleep. It cut me up I was not home, and I was distressed. My other dogs helped me bury him, and sniffed and added dirt and walked over where I laid him checking it all out. It took about three weeks before they were more like themselves, but for my younger dog Busby his world was rocked, Toby had been his big brother, and helped raise him as a puppy (I fostered him and 2 siblings from 4 weeks old.) He was unsure of what his role was. He has found his voice, and now sees his role, as protector and a wonderful companion. My heart aches for you all and the Gibbs shape hole in Yours, Garrry, Bonnie and Dukes.


    • It was so sad. She just kept sitting there, waiting. I think Duke knows, but I don’t think Bonnie got it. It was like Garry shaking Gibbs and saying “Hey buddy, you have to wake up,” and by then, I knew he was not going to wake up.

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