FOTD – 02-11-2020 – Christmas Cactus

I didn’t even realize it had started blooming because part of the table cloth on which the plants stand is red. But it’s blooming. Not with quite the verve it showed last November and December, but definitely blooming. And I gave it a shot of 10-10-10 fertilizer because it’s a cactus so I thought what worked for an orchid might reasonably work for a cactus. I hope I’m right. I guess we’ll find out soon enough.

Red blooms

Wider shot


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  1. It’s the cactus that just keeps on giving 🙂


  2. It’s beautiful, Marilyn!


  3. They do you justice Marilyn, they’re lovely.


  4. Such a wonderful beauty 🙂


  5. I meant to tell you that I inherited one of these. It was here at the house when we moved in. In Australia, they call themZygocactus. It has not flowered but then maybe it flowers in our winter and that’s why we don’t call it Christmas Cactus. It seems healthy but whether it will flower I don’t know.


    • Water it ONLY when it is completely dry. Just remember: it is a cactus and treat it as one. Most people overwater them. If they are constantly moist, they never flower and usually rot and die. The roots store water and they can’t live in constant wet soil. Also, a sandy mix of soil, about half earth, half whatever they are selling these days to mix as sand for cactus and other succulents. Any place that sells plants (or a feed and grain store) should know what you need. Otherwise, just control your watering instincts 🙂


      • Mum was a chronic over-waterer and I have tried to avoid doing that. I generally only water it once a week. It is on a shelf in the kitchen and gets sufficient light. If it’s going to flower I’m thinking it will do so in our winter but I’ll keep a close eye on it. I had to leave my own houseplants behind so I was glad to adopt this one.


  6. I wish mine would bloom. It lost all the original buds, but now has new buds. They just sit on the leaves and do nothing. They are not ready to fall and quite firmly anchored. I gave it water, but am now starving it. I think I will just wait and see.


    • The problem is the roots. They store water and if they are kept constantly moist, they rot. If you think they may have already started to rot, break them off from the main plant and replant them in a 50-50 mix of something like sand (it’s artificial, but any place that sells plants should have some) with earth. And ONLY water it when it is absolutely completely dry. The amount of sun is less important than water because these are cactus and meant to go for long periods without water. We all have a fatal instinct to water plants, but all that water is fatal to cactus — and other succulent plants. Some plants don’t even look like succulents, but have succulent roots. Orchids, philodendron, dracaena, aloe, kalanchoe. These — if you live in a hot climate — do much better outside because water drains away, but in a pot, even a double pot, it collects. Cactus are especially sensitive to too much water and it doesn’t have to be a lot of extra water. Just a little bit too much and it will die. It may take a long time, but it is rotting inside the pot.

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  7. I love these plants. How lovely to have it blooming in your winter.


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