Barking up the wrong tree? Not a chance!

Fandango’s February Expressions #10

As soon as I saw this, I made mom give me the mouse. Okay, well, I sort of had to steal it while she wasn’t looking. She’ll never notice, arf arf arf.

Here I am, guarding the house!

What’s this stuff ’bout barking up the wrong tree? Barking is always right. It doesn’t matter if it’s a tree, a rock, or I think a squirrel was there yesterday. Barking is always right. Just ask Mom and Dad. They are always telling me to “Shut up already!” Do I listen? Of course not. Secretly, they REALLY know I’m protecting them from unseen and strange hazards from other dimensions. And squirrels.

Here I am again, listening for any sound that requires more barking. As long as my bark resonates throughout the house and yard, all is well. I’m very alert. Bet you wish I was watching YOUR world!

I have to keep turning to make sure I see everything.

I know it’s really fine because even after I bark for a long time, they always give me a delish crunchy. ‘Cause they know. My barking makes them secure. When I’m not barking? I’m watching for something to bark at. So there. Well, maybe I take an occasional nap.

Resting, but still keeping my eyes open. I’m such a GOOD boy.


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  1. Our old dog is not a barker. The only time she barks is when she sees a raccoon or a coyote. Our cat is much noisier than our dog. It’s to our cat, not our dog, that we usually say, “Shut up, already.”

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  2. What a sweety. You gotta love him! He has his own personality and way of showing it, lol.

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  3. That’s his job as he sees it.


  4. Duke is right! Dogs are always right! Hail to Duke!
    And he has trained you well – he knows how to get to the cookies! He has you in the hollow of his paws 🙂


  5. You are a much better watchdog than my cats. They will run and hide, and would happily sell me out to any intruders from the comfort of their own hiding places. I still give them treats anyway, I don’t know why….


  6. We have new neighbours. since they moved in I hear a dog bark (more a yap) now and again and I met them last week. They said they also have a little dog. We have a new sound in the neighbourhood


    • I can ignore a lot, but when they try to knock down the bedroom door, I figure I should get up before they really DO knock down the door. They’ve done it before. These are indoor doors. They aren’t intended to keep out the rabble.


  7. Yes it does sound like Duke is finding his voice and his new role. He is such a handsome boy very focused on his duties. Great shots Marilyn.


  8. Sounds like he’s taken up Gibbs’ responsibility for barking!!

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