9 thoughts on “BIKES, TRIKES AND MOTORCYCLES IN BLACK & WHITE – Garry Armstrong

  1. OK I know this wasn’t the direction of this post, but as Perry Mason often says when Burger raises an objection.., “Your Honor the prosecution has already opened the door on this line of questioning.”

    I dunno, but after roughly 40-50+years of riding bicycles, and later in my life, scooters and Motorcycles, I’m finally spooked about street riding. Now, nothing has happened to me personally, and I did take a course in motorcycle riding, which other than teaching safe riding habits, basically says you gotta watch your OWN ass. Car, truck and SUV drivers don’t see you. The need for constant vigilance, kinda takes some of the fun out of this form of transportation. If you ever wonder why Harley Davidson riders are so loud, it’s because they are using the last form of defense warning.., NOISE!. They exchange the mufflers for straight pipes. Theory is, If they can’t see you, and you can’t avoid them.., maybe they’ll hear you. Many is the time someone in an adjacent lane will just decide to drift over into yours while you’re still there. If you have allowed for these possibilities, and left enough room you can avoid an unpleasant experience. Sorry for the departure.

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    • This is why I stopped riding. That was back in New York. If I were still riding, it would be fine out here. The roads are rough and lots of hills, but no much traffic. But in New York, I was sure the next time I hit some sand, I would spin out and get run over. It made me so nervous, I quit.


    • Bro, my piece in name only. Never a “bike” fan. But I did want Brando’s “Wild One” jacket & cap, Mom & Dad said, “No”. Ditto my request for pegged pants. Remember them?


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