A Photo a Week Challenge: Sleeping

Bonnie the unstoppable barker taking a rest from the barking life

Duke the window sleeper

Nap time

Oddly, no people sleeping. All my pictures with people show them awake. Oh well.

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  1. Catching up with posts, they are gorgeous dogs. My two sleep every afternoon and if I dont get up from my chair they will sleep for several hours as I usually do not sit for this long, as I need the toilet or a drink they wake up to see what where I am going.
    Do your guys snuffel and dream. My older girl Treacle(schnauser maltese) who is 12 1/2 makes delightful noises and will sometimes rung. Busby my big boy always wakes himself up if he farts. He snores, sighs, and talks in his sleep be it down stairs or up in bed. LoL thankfully his farts rarely smell.


  2. They’re probably still mourning the loss of Duke.


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