What with this mess we’re watching in D.C., we wandered into a discussion. “What if Trump decides to take over the country? Like, you know, hold a military coup?” There was a time when this kind of speculation would have been ridiculous, but these days, nothing is ridiculous and anything, no matter how absurd is possible.

Then, I realized a great truth.

Trump can’t stage a coup because he doesn’t have an army. It’s true there’s a parallel between Trump and Hitler (and after he was in office, Hitler did ultimately stage a military coup), but until that point, his actions were legal. It’s important to remember that Hitler was elected. Just like we elected Trump.

But here’s a big difference. Trump has no army.

The military hates him. All the militaries hate him. All the alphabet agencies loathe him too — CIA, NSA, FBI, Intelligence Department and most of DOJ.  I’m pretty sure that none of them will take over the country because he tweets them. Hitler built a dedicated army, including the Gestapo, Brown, and Blackshirts.  Trump has no military support. No matter how rabid his supporters are, they are not a military force and this isn’t the 1700s when a rabble can take over a country with a modern military. Moreover, he has never had the support of the majority of this country’s population.

If he can’t stage a coup, there’s little he can actually do except say “Hell no, I won’t go,” but in the end, he will go. Even if the Secret Service has to carry him bodily from the White house. Which to be fair, I would love to see.

Now, or later, unless he enlists his mythical Space Force, a million tweets will not make him king.

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  1. Everything crossed and holding on for dear life…


    • I think we all are Now, this doesn’t mean we can’t be stupid enough to re-elect him, but he isn’t going to get the military to stage a coup. But stupidity? We could be that stupid.


  2. Here’s one more thought… All through the Impeachment., uh.., trial I kept thinking something is really wrong here. The complaint was that it isn’t a trial without witnesses. Why did no-one mention that it also isn’t a trial without a “JURY?” WTF!, Why is the judiciary system different at the top? According to the constitution he gets a trial by his peers.., WE! are his peers. Nobody called me…, did anyone call you? This is the one time, of jury duty, I would not have wanted to get out of. 🙂


    • It specifically refers to the senate. That is NOT a decision they get to make. The House impeaches, the Senate judges. They didn’t judge. They whitewashed him. But that’s a different story.


  3. I fear the electronic coup. That would be the one where Russian hackers steal the election on his behalf.


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