Garry used to be a major-league cover-stealer. Early in our marriage, I tried to gently detach him from his tightly-held cover cocoon. It was hopeless. His technique was simple:  two 360-twirls while firmly clutching the covers. It left me with no covers while he was fully wrapped, neck to toes.

The old bedroom

At some point, I realized the gentle approach was not working. One night, as I lay shivering in the bedroom, I just gave him a solid kick in the butt and pulled the covers off him to my side of the bed.

“OUCH,” he said.

“Release the covers,” I snarled.

I think he couldn’t believe I was willing to get violent in pursuit of blankets. Ultimately, he got tired of getting kicked and then, we both had enough covers. Not everything in a marriage is negotiable.

The new bedroom

Over the years, we settled into a down comforter with a cover and too many pillows. I’ve always been seriously neutral about bedroom colors, but I realized that I was tired of grey, light blue, medium blue, and white. I wanted something bright and fun.

Not a coverlet, but a new covering for the comforter.

It’s a king-size comforter though the bed is queen-sized. To keep sleeping civilized, we need more breadth so we can wrap ourselves in our favorite way without ruining the sleep of our partner. But the size of the cover usually means a much bigger price tag, so I wasn’t sure I could afford it.

I saw some beautiful handmade pieces I would have been delighted to own, but they were more than I could manage. Then, I found a king-sized comforter on Amazon … for $30. For some strange reason, the queen-size was less expensive than the king-size. It was micro-fiber rather than cotton, but I was okay with that. They are doing some amazing stuff with microfiber.

It also came with two matching pillowcases — for king-size pillows. Of which I didn’t have any.

Hollywood and history. These are considered to be
“figures” rather than dolls.

When I was through redecorating the bedroom, I had bought two inexpensive pillows to fit the cases, the cover, and cases — for $43. When I sold off about 50 of my dolls, I kept all my history and movie star dolls. Without all the other dolls, they show much better than they used to. There is also a pretty big set of carved and rubber ducks, and of course, paintings, prints, and photographs. Oh, and beanie babies for Hewy, Dewy, and Lewy, Pluto the Dog, and a baby rhinoceros.

Today I finally remembered to take pictures before it got dark. I should have used my wide-angle lens. next time, I will. These were taken using my 50 mm lens which didn’t give me quite enough width. Next time, I’ll swap lenses.

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  1. I LOVE the new colours!

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  2. The new bedcover looks very cheerful. It’s quite hard to find anything colourful that doesn’t look childish or isn’t grey or black these days.
    When I had the king-sized bed I had mostly grey or light blue covers to match the walls but when I switched beds and rooms I wanted brighter more cheerful colours too.


  3. I bought my last comforter online, too, and then I worried that when it came it wouldn’t be the same as pictured. It’s so hard to judge colors from the online photos. Luckily, mine was exactly what I wanted – and yes, I got it one size larger, too, because I like it to hang all the way down the sides of the bed like a bedspread and not halfway down like a comforter. Then, I had to buy an area rug, also online, to pick up the colors in the comforter and the new color on the wall. Quite a feat, which required opening two browser windows so I could compare photos side by side, as well as holding a paint strip up to the monitor to compare it to the photos. Fortunately, that worked out well, too. And I did it all for less than just a good comforter alone would have cost in a brick-and-mortar store. I love my “new” bedroom.

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  4. We have a eider down quilt too and I think the secret to the battle of the covers is to have a comforter just a little bigger than the bed.

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  5. I really had to decorate on the cheap when I was first married. I made orange crates into bedside tables and a bookcase, used boards and bricks for shelves, and sheets for curtains. Those were the days when white sheets were cheap and I could dye them a different color. Once I had a packing case substitute for a chair. One can make do when it is necessary.

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    • In this case, not only are we permanently broke, but the price of cotton has gone WAY up, especially since we got rid of the Mexican help who used to pick it. A lot of crops on small farms are in trouble because there simply aren’t enough people who are willing to pick — and in rural areas, not enough people, period.

      I had been buying ONLY cotton covers, but realized that they’ve come a long way with microfiber. It’s soft, breathable, and comfortable. I’m actually very happy with my cheery upgrade.

      Between writing jobs, I used to work in furniture stores. I LOVE furniture. I never took a paycheck. I just collected furniture so I have a lot of (often handmade) oak furniture that will probably never wear out. With few exceptions, the furniture is so big and heavy, even if I wanted to get rid of it, no one wants to move it!

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  6. Hubby knew better than to steal the covers. He’d end up on the floor. But it was rare, because in those days I wasn’t as cold to the core as I am now. Now I have to fight Ziggy and occasionally Pudge for cover space. Ziggy, like Garry, does some 360 degree turn thing that encases him fully in the blanket, and leaves damned little for the rest of us. There is a ‘dog’ blanket just for the boys, but they want MINE. Challenging!


    • Garry got pretty good about it. Once he realized that this was a battle he was NOT going to win, he decided to cope with his share. We don’t share the bed with the dogs. The Scotties (now a Scotty) were too short to get on and off the bed safely and call me crazy, but I wanted ONE room that wasn’t clogged with dog fur! And the Duke is very furry.


  7. I have up on the fight for cover/ blanket/ comforter and now have my own separate one!


    • I tried that, but it made the bed too lumpy. There are plenty of covers and more than enough for both of us. We always have a chilly bedroom. I used to like it that way, to be all warm under the covers. Now we don’t have a choice in the winter because the thermostat is in the living room and the bedroom is at the other end of the house. So the living room warms up, but the other end of the house is cold. And the rewiring and radiator replacing we’d have to do to fix it is much too big a job.

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  8. Love this new look…and the price!


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