LOUDER THAN WORDS – Marilyn Armstrong

Fandango’s February Expressions #23 Oh let us speak first of love. When a man says he loves you, that's nice. When a man shows you he loves you, that matters. Men, after they get over the huge masculine hurdle of saying "I love you" seem to have an even more powerful resistance to displaying love. What … Continue reading LOUDER THAN WORDS – Marilyn Armstrong


There was an interesting article in the news concerning a porn site called xhamster.com. I don’t know why it’s called that and I really don’t want to know. They’re in the news because they closed off their website to anybody living in the state of North Carolina. Why? Because of the harsh, horrible anti-LGBT law … Continue reading THE WONDER OF THE WEENIE – By Tom Curley

A GAY PRESIDENT – Rich Paschall

Is America ready? by Rich Paschall Let's just say that you have a candidate for president that appears very likable, as political candidates go. He's young and charming and smiles a lot. In this age of coarse political discourse, that would seem a big enough plus to give him some serious consideration. When you look … Continue reading A GAY PRESIDENT – Rich Paschall

A FEW MORE BIRDS – Marilyn Armstrong

I was going to post this earlier and I got distracted. I get distracted easily these days. It's an old-person thing. On the positive side of easy distraction, I don't worry much because I forget what I was worried about. This would have been a really useful trait when I was younger and much more … Continue reading A FEW MORE BIRDS – Marilyn Armstrong