LOUDER THAN WORDS – Marilyn Armstrong

Fandango’s February Expressions #23

Oh let us speak first of love. When a man says he loves you, that’s nice. When a man shows you he loves you, that matters. Men, after they get over the huge masculine hurdle of saying “I love you” seem to have an even more powerful resistance to displaying love.

What does showing love mean? An unasked-for hug. The kiss that isn’t pre-sex. A bouquet of flowers that wasn’t bought at the gas station … and for which there is no special occasion. Just loving. A gift for no reason. All these speak of love.

In the world of “other things,” the senator who stands up for what he believes no matter how badly it affects his personal political agenda. The military man who goes in after a civilian caught in a cross-fire, even though it won’t win him a medal. The judge who recognizes a youngster with potential who needs help and offers it instead of prison.

Even small things. Holding doors for older people who are having trouble navigating an entryway. Waiting patiently in line even when the elderly woman ahead of you is having trouble making sense of her money and the clerk ho kindly waits for her to finish, even when the line is stopped and people are griping.

There are many actions that display an understanding of right and wrong which no words can show. These actions speak ever so much louder than words.

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    • That’s what I hate MOST about elections. All the promises and everyone believes them as if that guy really has the power to do those things. But they don’t and they never have. We really need election reform. Badly.


  1. “NO candidate can promise to accomplish anything. All they can do is say what they would like to do, not what they are going to do.” Apparently American voters aren’t smart enough to understand that. Trump promised to build a wall that Mexico would pay for. And even though he hasn’t and Mexico didn’t, his supporters still believe him and cheer him when he claims to have kept more promises than he made. 😡


  2. Marilyn this is so right. I hope lots of people learn from your post.


    • I can hardly wait until Bernies kids discover he isn’t going to deliver on Medicare for all, free college, no more college debt or ANY of his promises because, you know, Congress and all that. You can’t hop into the office and change everything. You can try it. You can get impeached. You can be defeated. Lots of ways to lose, few ways to win.

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