BRAIN SNOBS – Marilyn Armstrong

It isn't just culture that divides us into classes. What we watch on television, see in the movies, and read also puts us into a category, often unfairly by people who don't "get" why we like what we like. I read a post about how dreadful -- yet gripping -- romance novels can be. The not-so-subtle insinuation is that … Continue reading BRAIN SNOBS – Marilyn Armstrong

Becoming a Flying Squirrel Landlord

In case you’d like to have your very OWN flying squirrels … especially if you happen to live in Colorado!


The flying squirrel may own the title of Colorado’s rarest mammal because just one single specimen has ever been recorded in the state. Although they are only found in a small sliver of the state, this probably has more to do with how difficult it is to find them, and not as much to do with the size of the population. The northern flying squirrel (Glaucomys sabrinus) is common in northern latitudes of the US and Canada, but its range barely extends down into northwest Colorado. Just reaching a suitable site to search for them is a long drive on rough jeep roads into some of Colorado’s most remote country. And then there is the fact that they are nocturnal. And they fly (well, glide, actually). Basically, a photographer’s worst case scenario.

img_2229 Nest box shop class

Back in the summer of 2014, Lana and I took a road trip back to Michigan to visit…

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During my pre-teen and teen years, it seems like a lot of people around me got cancer. Between the ages of eleven and eighteen, I was closely involved with five different people who had cancer and only one survived – my father. My first exposure to cancer was through my friend, Liz. She lived a … Continue reading MY EARLY EXPOSURE TO CANCER PATIENTS – BY ELLIN CURLEY