I used to know “spring” by the flowers. Up come the crocus and then the daffodils. Suddenly there are dozens of Solomon’s Seal and a few lilacs get enough sunlight to flower. It must be spring!

Two bluebirds

The trees get a covering of pink buds, especially the maples. The oak trees are slower. We have a couple of struggling azaleas that never get enough sun to do more than casually bloom a little bit.

Still, all this greenery says “spring” to me.

Not this year. This time around, it’s the color of the feathers of the birds. This is the time of year when birds go into their breeding seasons. Birds don’t just breed once per season.

Getting more yellow every day

Square Goldfinches

And two more

Many of them, especially the little guys like Chickadees and all the Finches will breed many times between now and November. They are not only the most daring flyers, but they have sex in the air. Whoopee! Now that’s the way to go!

A very red Finch

Chickadee and one of the red finches

I want to mention that Garry and I saw a really huge Red-Bellied Woodpecker on a feeder — briefly — this morning. He was easily twice the size of the usual Red-Bellies we see around here. Good food? Trees with excellent bugs? Both?

Eating well! And what a beak!


23 thoughts on “THE BIRDS THEY ARE A’CHANGING – Marilyn Armstrong

    • We got a huge hairy Woodpecker this morning, too. I was in watching rather than photographing mode, but I swear we have the biggest, fattest birds in Worcester Country. A lot of our birds are not merely well-fed. They are shaped like tennis balls with beaks! I’m surprised they don’t fall off the perches.


    • I was watching them this morning, thinking I should take pictures, but today, watching them seemed to be enough. Our birds are really big and fat! Bigger than they should be. I think we have the best-fed birds in Worcester country.

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        • We just filled the feeders again! Between the flying and non-flying squirrels and occasional chipmunk, and oh so many birds, they knocked off about 8 pounds of three different kinds of food. That’s a LOT of food. I had so hoped I wouldn’t have to buy food again this month. I guess I will need to shop again. The outdoor crew eat more than both dogs.

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