BUT THAT CAN’T BE RIGHT, CAN IT? – Marilyn Armstrong

Fandango’s Provocative Question #58

To put it most simply, I always thought that — socio and psychopaths aside — everyone has a conscience. Even after Trump was elected, I thought that Americans weren’t stupid enough to actually follow this moron.

I was wrong.

All the cynicism I decried in my mother has settled on me. Apparently many people don’t have even a shred of conscience. Those that might have a conscience are prepared to ignore it in the name of promulgating their personal agendas. It’s embarrassing. I feel I should apologize for being American, even though I didn’t vote for the guy and never would.

Can we regrow a backbone? Film at eleven.

11 thoughts on “BUT THAT CAN’T BE RIGHT, CAN IT? – Marilyn Armstrong

  1. I almost added my voice to your, Fandango’s, and at least two other people who answered the question in roughly the same way. I thought it would be redundant to do so though. Y’all have said it all, said what I think about that mess in Washington D.C., and you said it better than I ever could have. It’s a sad sad day to be an American. Like you I feel like apologizing to the world, and I didn’t even vote for that chronic diarrhea head..


      • I think I started searching the meanings of both around the time your chosen leader showed his erratic and wrong behaviour….! I found a ton of info on-line but also, later on, I read an excellent article in an international journal (forgot which though).
        What they have in common though, is a lack of empathy. Among others….. Figures? Thought so. It is a fascinating issue to get knowing better and I’ve found much info on other people much closer in my orbit than your unfortunate orange head.


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