The Changing Seasons, February 2020

It has been a dreary February. To be fair, February is usually dreary, though it normally gets more snow. We didn’t get any snow in either January or February which is a record for the past 100 years. We did, however, get a lot of rain, so at least we won’t run out of water anytime soon.

An indoor garden

I didn’t get out much. It was dreary, dull, gray, and wet. Inside, I could take pictures of birds and flowers and my brand new quilt cover. I’m pretty sure I took other pictures, too, but I’m not sure what they were.

Macro Orchid

So first, let’s get to the orchids which have been blooming very well and there is suddenly a second branch with a lot more buds. Maybe this will be a long blooming period. Hope so!

Moving along, let’s take a look at the birds. This has been the month of Goldfinches. Red Finches too and the periodic visit by Nuthatches, Chickadees, woodpeckers of three varieties, Doves, Flying Squirrels, regular non-flying squirrels.

Now, a few cactus blooms …

My exciting new bedroom:

The new bedroom

And of course the concert we went to see with Ron and Cherrie, conducted by Dr. Anton Armstrong, Garry’s baby brother. It was a brilliant concert — and Anton was amazing.

And then we were on the road, to and from Ellin and Tom’s place in Connecticut.

Meanwhile, guess what Garry is working on?

What does this mean?

About The Changing Seasons

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12 replies

  1. A great photographic year in review.


  2. Love your new bed linen; it is exactly what I’d want to feel cozy at night.
    As always your flower and bird photos are stunning; orchids are a real favourite of mine.
    So is Gary recording his memoirs? Or doing a podcast series? Reading for the blind?


  3. It must have been a wonderful concert.


  4. Is Garry preparing his Great Come Back as so many have asked him to?

    Reading about CT made me sit up straight…. we once, for about a month, thought to accept a job offer in CT, looked at houses, and then, thankfully, HH’s contact told him not to accept the offer as the company was nearing its financial ends, so we didn’t. (The company did go belly up only months later – why they would have offered HH a job is still a question I wonder about.)



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