I read Jan Wilberg’s post about closet cleaning. I realized that I moved well beyond basic closet cleaning.

I need professional help.

I need a squad of strong men and women armed with big, strong plastic bags who will march into my home. Preferably armed. They will go to my closet, pushing me aside. Even if I scream and beg, they will ignore me. When they finish the closet, they will take on (gasp) the dresser.

They will remove every outfit I haven’t worn during the past year, which is almost all of them minus the one or two “dressy” outfits that who knows, I might someday need.  They will ignore my cries that I might someday be a size 10 again. No really, I will.

Then, ignoring my wails and moans and begging, they will march out of the house and donate all of my unworn if slightly hanger-worn clothing to those who might find some better use for it.

After I recover, probably after taking a fair number of calming medications, I will be grateful. And I will finally be able to find the clothing I really wear. Please, send the pros. I need them.


I have a cold. It isn’t much of a cold. It’s the sniffles and a headache. Garry has the same cold. I am whiney. He is grumpy. And there’s no point in complaining because no one gives you any sympathy. All they say is “Don’t get anywhere near me, I don’t need your germs.”

My granddaughter came over the other night. She has finally decided she would like a smaller camera. I pointed out that I really wish she’d made that decision before I bought her a new camera. How many times did I offer her one of my Olympus cameras? But as it turns out, I did have a camera I could offer her, my Panasonic LUMIX DMC FZ300 which. until he fell in love with my Leica, Garry was using. Before that, it was my favorite camera.

Kaity got downright excited by it. It was my “fallback” camera. When I didn’t know what I’d be shooting, I knew whatever it was — landscape, birds, or anything else — this camera would do it. And it has a Leica lens that shoots from 25mm to 600mm.

In return, I got a haircut, having gotten rather shaggy and Kaitlin already is getting over the flu, so my cold didn’t worry her. I think she thinks you can only get one disease at a time. I’m not sure if that’s true, but we can hope.

This is the current length again.

I hope she loves the camera and doesn’t pick up my cold. It’s a great camera and my hair looks much neater. It’s long enough to tie back, but it’s shoulder length and not halfway down my back. It turns out I can’t take pictures with my hair flying around.

And that’s my news, more or less. I was just thinking about coronavirus and realizing that no one around here travels and we don’t go anywhere. But who knows? What an interesting year we are having and it’s only the beginning of March.



And suddenly, it’s March. It feels exactly like February, but the month has fewer letters and most of us can pronounce it. Today Owen bought a game and trail camera that we can set up on the deck so it will take pictures based on motion-sensitivity. If I can’t have my own personal flying squirrel, at least I can try and get some pictures of them.

And so we come to the questions of the week.

Can you bake a cake?  Credit for this question goes to Di, of

Yes, I can. I used to do a lot of baking. I got pretty plump eating my own cake. I also baked my own bread. I think I got even fatter eating the bread.

Homemade pound cake.


What’s one thing that can instantly make your day better?

A flock of finches — gold and red — and maybe a bluebird or two.


Flocks of Goldfinch

Also, a really beautiful orchid.

Fresh orchids

When you were a kid, did you eat the crusts on your sandwich or not?

No. But I grew up and when I started baking bread myself, the crust was the best part.

What’s something your family would be surprised to learn about you?

I haven’t the slightest idea. Especially since almost all of them are gone. We are now the oldest or almost the oldest members of our families. I think whatever they didn’t learn before they died, they probably aren’t interested in at this point. But who knows? Anything is possible.


I liked this picture so much I actually ordered a framed print of it. It’s the first time I’ve ordered a print in more than 10-years.