I have a cold. It isn’t much of a cold. It’s the sniffles and a headache. Garry has the same cold. I am whiney. He is grumpy. And there’s no point in complaining because no one gives you any sympathy. All they say is “Don’t get anywhere near me, I don’t need your germs.”

My granddaughter came over the other night. She has finally decided she would like a smaller camera. I pointed out that I really wish she’d made that decision before I bought her a new camera. How many times did I offer her one of my Olympus cameras? But as it turns out, I did have a camera I could offer her, my Panasonic LUMIX DMC FZ300 which. until he fell in love with my Leica, Garry was using. Before that, it was my favorite camera.

Kaity got downright excited by it. It was my “fallback” camera. When I didn’t know what I’d be shooting, I knew whatever it was — landscape, birds, or anything else — this camera would do it. And it has a Leica lens that shoots from 25mm to 600mm.

In return, I got a haircut, having gotten rather shaggy and Kaitlin already is getting over the flu, so my cold didn’t worry her. I think she thinks you can only get one disease at a time. I’m not sure if that’s true, but we can hope.

This is the current length again.

I hope she loves the camera and doesn’t pick up my cold. It’s a great camera and my hair looks much neater. It’s long enough to tie back, but it’s shoulder length and not halfway down my back. It turns out I can’t take pictures with my hair flying around.

And that’s my news, more or less. I was just thinking about coronavirus and realizing that no one around here travels and we don’t go anywhere. But who knows? What an interesting year we are having and it’s only the beginning of March.

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  1. I looked up coronavirus last night. 14 cases in all of Canada. My son looked up the odds on getting it and the consequences. It was amazing to me it’s on the “danger list” of the CDC. When you have time and the inclination, look at the stats you’ll feel much better. Love the hair, if that’s a recent pic (you’re in blue, a very becoming blue by the way) and glad you posted. I enjoy you I love your company and that’s how I see it when I read a post from you, as though I’m enjoying your company.


  2. Feel better soon!


  3. Hubby and I have boomerangs colds. One of us gets it, passes it to the other, who passes it back again. It’s a bit like tennis.
    Hope you’re both feeling better soon.


  4. Very nice exchange! It sounds like both of you got something you wanted! 😀 Those colds are annoying! Try Vicks Vap-O-rub on the soles of your feet and then socks over it. Something about that tends to break up the congestion and help one feel better apparently. It’s worked for me and cut the length of time the cold sticks around too. I’m a whiner too, but the dogs couldn’t give a fig. As long as they get fed, it doesn’t matter that I feel like death warmed over.


  5. Take care of that cold you two.


  6. Hope you feel better soon. Nice haircut


    • I am feeling better, but I never felt that awful. It’s JUST a cold. It’s an annoying, sniffly cold with scratchy red eyes and laryngitis. The kind of thing that, back in The Day, I’d toss off in two days. Now it takes a week. Sometimes longer, especially if Garry catches it and tosses it back into my court.

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