“Everyone wants change,” said Garry, “until they get to the polls and then it’s the same old game all over again.”

We were both bummed at how poorly Elizabeth Warren did, how far Bloomberg’s money didn’t take him, and that in the end, we are going to have a battle between two old white guys.  Well, that never happens in America! Oh, wait, that’s what usually happens. Sorry.

Garry said it better than me. I said I had read that a lot of people didn’t vote for Warren because they didn’t think she could win. He said we never think anyone different can win until they do win. You can’t make changes without voting for change.

I don’t much like Bernie and I doubt he can — should he win — get much done. He doesn’t have numbers, doesn’t have a plan, and worst of all, he doesn’t have allies in the Senate. He’s a great rabble-rouser, but is he going to find a way to “sell” his plans? Or is he going to just make everyone even more discontented and overwrought? Can I survive another four years of overwroughtness? Of endless battles between the supposedly “equal components” of our government?

Biden is old. Bernie is old. Bloomberg is old. Even Warren is no spring chicken. My favorite loser was Yang. I really liked him. He’s smart. He makes the numbers work. He has a grip on what the future looks like.

But what we have are two old white guys. A big surprise, isn’t it?

A final note: Owen talked to a lot of people yesterday. A lot of them said (and this is a quote): “The election is rigged. What difference does it make?”

If anyone is rigging these primaries, it’s us. We are our own worst enemies.

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  1. Why hasn’t anybody risen with a vision and a mission? Where’s the fire after all this? Can I say that this is a dangerous and disturbing situation? Can I say this is the cream of America? Why hasn’t somebody special emerged or stepped forward? Isn’t there anybody special out there? I can’t believe that. I guess their just too scared? Is America going to get what it deserves? Again. What happened to the ideal/idea that anybody could become president? Because there has to be a ton of anybodys that are better than this. I’m not saying these are bad guys, but this is sure not very inspiring.


  2. I doubt it will be any better in Australia when we eventually vote again. I get so confused and bedazzled by all the money spent on just getting to the person who is going to stand for President in USA. Im shaking my head.


  3. It’s my hope that Biden will get us back to where we should have been for the last 3 years. There is plenty of time for the younger group to move the country forward, but there has to be some healing first!


    • I agree that at the least, we need to calm down and start remember who we used to be. But we can’t go back. Like it or not, the world is not the same and it will never be the same. We need to change the constitution. It has become very obvious that while they were very smart guys, our constitution writers did not see the future, did not really understand what a tragedy their bigotry would bring down on us or the amount of blood that would be shed in the name of hatred. I don’t dislike Biden, but I think he is too old o be president, just as Garry and I are too old for the job too. Regardless I’d rather see Biden in office than Bernie, if I have a choice. It’s not because I don’t agree with Bernie on issues — it’s that he’s far too much like Trump for my taste. He won’t heal us and he won’t accomplish anything either. I had really hoped we got for Yang or Warren. We say we want change, but when we get to the polls, we wimp out. No one really wants or likes change. We all want the security of the past.

      Meanwhile, whoever is nominated, I’ll vote for him. Anyone but Trump is my mantra.

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      • I recently heard of a bumper sticker that said “Anyone Else 2020”! And I have a friend who would like to see “none of the above” as an alternative on the ballot! This will be the last of the old-guard candidates — the next round will be more “progressive” in our eyes simply because of their youth.


  4. It is a disappointing but predictable result. People say they want change but to get the change you have to take a chance on doing something different. Here Iknow that many people who support Green policies won’t put them first on the ballot because they don’t think they can win so it would be “a waste of a vote”. Pragmatic people will vote Labor because their policies are greener than the Libs. I’ve even done it but no more. I do hope that some of the failed Democratic candidates run for office again. Maybe in five or ten years some of those smart young people will be in a position to try for the top job again. Too late for our generation maybe but not for the world I hope. Meanwhile, in Australia all anyone wants to talk about is toilet paper.


    • I like Yang a lot. Smart. He and Steyer were strong, smart, and had a grip on the future that no other candidates seem to have. And we are also arguing about toilet paper AND how much water a toilet should release. It’s good to get involved in serious disputes.

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  5. It isn’t a surprise at all. What did surprise me (not that I was paying attention, because politics) is that Utah got behind Biden in a big way (apparently). BUT. I give that surprising turn of events (Utah is red by G** and isn’t changing that I can tell) credit in the fact that most all the ‘leaders’ here (Utah) are old white men. There’s a few more old *insert ethnic flavor of your choice* than there used to be, but it’s still mainly old white men who run the show in Utah. I guess like goes to like, doesn’t it? They understand each other..


    • Old white men seem to run most of the “white” world. There is more discontent with Trump than we usually think. A lot of Republicans hate the ugliness of our government and won’t vote for Trump. They will stay Republicans, but I think they might cross the line for THIS election. Even in Utah. Even in the deep South.


  6. In the midst of all the chaos, I am determined to be optimistic. True enough about two old white guys, but I think Biden is sufficiently energized—and was read the riot act by Jim Clyburn—that he will perform better. At least he talks about unity, while Bernie just shakes his finger and scolds the world.
    I am encouraged that Biden can put together a winning coalition, as he did in his sweep on Super Tuesday. And with smart heads now in control of his campaign, I think we may see a young, vibrant woman of color as his running mate—perhaps Stacey Abrams.
    Now the task is for us to become Citizen Activists at all levels so we can hold the House, take the Senate, and work for Democratic governors and state legislators so when redistricting is done in 2021, it’s more likely that apportionment is done fairly.


    • I really really want you to be right. This has been a very disappointing few years. It feels like a lot MORE years than it has been. I’m also hoping he gets some of Bloomberg’s money. That would certainly help energize the campaign. AND I’m also hoping that enough people are sick to death of this presidency to want a change because they want a government that doesn’t make them feel humiliated when confronting the rest of the world. If we can avoid becoming monumentally stupid again, we could do it. At least Biden has a few friends in the Senate, which is more than anyone can say about Bernie.

      How come Bernie — who has been living in Vermont for 40 years — still sounds like a New Yorker?


  7. You hit the nail on the head. I’ve admired Warren long before she started in public office, when she was a scholar and respected economist on I’ve lost count how many shows and documentaries. I wondered if she’d ever get into government years before she ran and won her first seat, and I was genuinely happy. Naturally, I voted for her yesterday. I was so happy to do that.

    I was hoping to cheer her on some more today, that last night things swung in her favor and more people turned out for this very intelligent woman. I wanted her to be the first female president of the united states because I think it would’ve been awesome, and certainly her intelligence and ability to work with congress would help clean up the trash hole that’s become what passes for leadership in the white house. It’ll take several terms to fix the messes created in this one, and I think she would’ve put a helluva dent in it.

    It sucks, this whole “status quo” game at the polls. I’m annoyed by the nay-saying about a woman running the country, that we’re not ready or that she can’t win. She’s held her own this long against Dump, she could do it a while longer. We blew a good chance for positive change out of fear. How long til the “hypocrisy” jokes start up again–the party of diversity went back to old white guys to win? I wanted us to change the narrative this year, dammit.

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    • You are absolutely 100% right. Garry and I were SO disappointed. She’s such a strong woman and she’s so intelligent and capable. At least she is still our senator. Thank god for that. And for all those idiots who think everything is rigged, they are the riggers. You can’t make changes if you’re too much of a wimp to give it a try. Well, now we deserve whatever we get. I don’t think either of the big Bs is going to be able to fix much of anything. They aren’t smart enough nor does either one really see the future for what it is going to become. Bernie’s all about Bernie. Biden is just old and can’t remember all the words in his sentences. It’s like electing your dear old grandpa as president. He may be a great old grandpa, but that doesn’t make him a president. I was so disappointed.

      Garry finally just gave up and went to bed. I thought maybe she’d get a bump in California, but it was the same old same old. We blew it. Big time. Well, you didn’t and we didn’t, but the rest of the masses of asses did.

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    • We reap what we sow.

      I am beyond angry (a stubborn, lingering bug or cold doesn’t help my attitude) at how poorly Elizabeth Warren did in Massachusetts. Hold it — angry at the dismal showing of those clamoring for change who voted for the status quo when it came down where it counts — voting your ideals. Talk is always cheap. Spare me the hand wringing and yelps of those outraged by Donzo. Your mouth said one thing, your vote said another. The hypocrisy stench is overwhelming.

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  8. No matter who wins here, I hope the VP candidate is a little more inspiring than an old white guy…

    I guess the thing that gets me is that everyone thinks that only an old white man can beat Trump. Why?

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    • I would love an honest response to that question myself. That is THE question, honestly.

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    • Because we are wimps and we are terrified of real change. That’s how we GOT Trump and I think we blew our future last night. It was heartbreaking. I don’t think either of the Big Bs will beat anyone, but even if they did, what are the chances that either of them is going to get anything done? It is really demoralizing.

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      • I think either of the B’s can win, but I don’t know how much good it will do our country. As is said, hopefully there will be a great VP pick. Perhaps that VP will become the president that gets things done…


        • I wonder if either one of them will survive a term in office. I wonder how many heart-attacks Bernie has already had while Biden reminds me of us. His forgetfulness is perfectly normal for people our age but Garry and I aren’t running for president. So if we forget something, we shrug and know we’ll remember later and we don’t need to worry about setting off nuclear weapons in the interim.

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    • Trent, I guess it’s like buying the name brand product. You know it’s not better, maybe worse than other labels. You go with the familiar. The familiar doesn’t do it.

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  9. I, too, am disappointed in the Democratic candidates still running. I hope whoever ends up as the Presidential candidate can beat Trump. We do need change, but it seems like we always get the old standbys rather than the young, smart ones who can effect change. I guess we’ll see what happens.

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  10. Marilyn, I imagine most, if not all, of your friends here resonate with the sense of your disappointment. Two old white guys, of course! I like Warren and have been disappointed by her steady decline in the polls, and by her poor support of folks from her home state.

    But I’m not surprised. At every debate I yelled at the television, “Calm down! You can’t be that intense all the time, and, if you are, or viewers think you are, they/we will stop listening. Take a deep breath and slow down or you’ll lose your footing.” IMHO, And that’s what happened. So now we’re down to the visionary whose vision, for the most part, I’ve shared for 50+ years, but who had no friends in the Senate to pass a toothpick bill; and the good man who seemed to have lost his passion, but will get things done. We can’t afford four years when nothing gets done. The administration and congress need to produce or they’ll be blamed for whatever bad things happen after Trump.

    Enough, except to say I never liked Amy for lots of reasons. Her quick trip to Dallas to endorse Joe is a case in point. Her speech endorsing Biden was all about herself. She was sucking up to Joe, angling to be number 2 one the ticket. God forbid.

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    • Bernie has always been all about Bernie. Wait. Who does that sound like? Hmm. And Joe is just old. He loses his place in the conversation often, just like we do — except we aren’t running for president. I’ve always loved Elizabeth Warren’s energy and enthusiasm and yes, she has always been just like that. A lot of people here didn’t want her to run. They want her to stay our senator. Then, of course, there’s ye olde sexism. But Bernie and Biden? My heart just sank as I watched the returns rolling in. I’ll vote for anyone who isn’t Trump, but I don’t think we are going to get what we hoped for. And I’m pretty sure Bernie is going to explode one day. Probably while shouting at the crowd.

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      • Marilyn,

        It’s a terrible spot to be in. We need a strong tail wind for this election — Oval Office and at all levels of office. Electability is paramount, as you say. That’s one thing. If either Joe or Bernie becomes the Dem. nominee and is elected, he will be a one-term president. His running mate will have the exposure to succeed Bernie or Joe.

        The optimal VP choice will be a youngish African-American/Latina woman with clear credentials and experience who can broaden the presidential candidates appeal. Stacey Abrams is being proposed. I don’t think so. Only experience is at the state level in the GA legislature and candidate for governor. Here’s an option: Rep. Karen Bass, Chair of the Dem. Black Caucus. ????


    • God Forbid? You need more than the patience of Job with these folks who wimped out, voted for the establishment and further eroded our chances of making Donzo tarnished history.
      I hope the sucker ups get what they deserve.


  11. I don’t pretend to know what’s going on over there on the other side of the Pond, but it seems that whatever it is, the news isn’t good. Can’t everyone just vote for Mark Charles? (I’m guessing it doesn’t work like that.)


    • It’s one of the big differences between our government & yours. Ours is much more rigid. In local elections you can vote in groups for boards of selectmen, for example. But our Federal system with mired in rules and each party has its own rules, too. It’s a mess, but getting it changed is even messier so we wind up living with it. These days, though, we REALLY need to change the constitution in a bunch of ways. The guys who wrote it in the 1700s didn’t quite get what the future would bring.

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  12. You stole my thunder. When I went to bed last night at about 11 pm Pacific time, I was planning to write a post this morning titled “Two Old White Men.” But you have a 3-hour advantage over me, since 7 am my time is 10 am your time. But my post would have pretty much said exactly what you wrote anyway.

    Well, hopefully the Democratic ticket will get at least some level of diversity with the VP choices.

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    • My heart really sank as I watched the returns coming in. I don’t want either of them. As Garry kept saying, “it’s always the same shit. No one is willing to take a chance on something different.” Everyone wants change until they get to the polls. Assuming that either of them can win, I think we’ll see another four years of government paralysis and doesn’t THAT sound like a great idea.

      I wrote this at around 11 pm last night with CNN rolling ever onward and Garry so disappointed, he just packed it in and went to bed. We really are our own worst enemy.

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      • I think everyone does want change, but I don’t think they’re cowards or stupid or blind ( just a few descriptive I’ve picked up from my FB newsfeed ) for not grabbing the chance while it was there. I think that the person who can bring about that change just wasn’t there.

        Not to say Warren or Castro ( who I backed ) or any of the others weren’t spectacular, because they were. They just couldn’t get that wide and diverse ( I’m not talking about just race, I’m talking issues, party affiliation, age ) group of people to make that leap with them.

        I think people are in full crisis mode so we played it safe- sure we need change. But that person we ALL needed wasn’t there. I think that is why Democrats went safe and backed Biden because they know him and the Progressives went safe and backed someone who- if I remember the phrase right from an article I read when Bernie ran in the Primary against Hilary” The Cool College Professor.”

        Nothing is stopping the candidates who dropped out from running again- for the most part they ran positive campaigns without a lot of drama.

        Sometimes the best candidate doesn’t win, that’s a fact. On the other hand I’m not prepared to walk away from the process because sometimes the best Candidate does win.

        I’ve been very active in my State’s political system and as much as it pains me to say this
        fielding candidates is a long term plan and when the cycle doesn’t favor you, you have to try again. It’s the nature of the beast.


        • I don’t disagree with you. My husband, as a reporter, followed the careers of many politicians from their earliest breaks into politics, often through things like town selectmen, educators, judges, or lawyers. We both followed Warren in her run from educator to a senator and she has always been a vibrant, exciting woman. I loved Yang and I thought Steyer was way better than he got credit for. I don’t NOT like Biden, but I don’t think he has a grip on the present, much less the future and frankly, I think he’s too old to be president. But if it comes to that, I’ll vote for him and hope for the best.


    • Hope springs eternal? Doesn’t even work for us diehard baseball fans anymore.

      There IS crying in baseball, ANGER in politics.

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  13. I shouldn’t open my big mouth to this but I nearly cried when I learned these news. It should be nothing to me, it doesn’t change my life but it will change so many lives of ppl I love and treasure that it makes me ill…. I don’t understand why EW could not have done better – and I pity you folks who now only have the choice between too old, too old and too old (weak, no working plans, terrible history and little outlook). I grieve for the ununited states of ‘merica

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    • It’s the same old crap. Old white men who have limited vision, are too old to change and have trouble remembering all the words in their sentences. We used to be a power. I don’t know what we are now.

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    • Kiki, my sore throat got a hell of a lot sorer as I watched the results come in last night. The bug we’re battling (really just a terrible cold) seemed to clog up my system as I gave up and went to bed, sneezing and coughing. The worst of times. We’re in grief, thank you, as I read the election post portems. I can only hope things change a bit — think house and senate — in November.

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