On a day that felt like a form of madness, another flower bloomed on my orchids. I always wanted to go back and check out the 14th century and I feel like I really am … but with better technology. And medicine. We may not have a cure for Coronavirus, but we do have medicine, something they were mostly missing in the 14th century.

Five flowers and one more big bud

For all the people who have said this is no big deal … is it a big deal yet?

Pretty flowers

Just because you don’t have it and figure you’ll survive it, remember that we are all in contact with people whose lives are threatened by this disease. It would be nice if we don’t wipe out my entire generation, you think?

I love how the light makes the flowers translucent

This is about as insane as the news and reality get, at least in my lifetime. Please everyone, even if you figure you’re safe enough, remember that you meet other people and they are more likely to die from this illness, even if you are not.

Square Orchids

We are in the middle of a plague. It’s not the Black Plague of the 1300s, but it’s bad enough for me and I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t survive it. Since I had been hoping to have a few more years of life, be careful and don’t expose others to something you feel isn’t very serious.

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