Trump fails in desperate attempt to save his political skin – REBLOG – The Shinbone Star

This is a good summary of how we’ve gotten to where we are. How long will we stay here? Very good question. As one of the vulnerable ones, I would really like tests available. I’d like to know if Worcester County has many, few, or no cases. As it stands, Massachusetts has almost no tests available, not even in our biggest and best hospitals and here in the boonies, I’m sure we have none at all. Thus, the only people who get tested are athletes who get paid in the millions of dollars. Apparently, a knowledge of the risks is available only to the rich and famous.

What a shock, eh? Hey, there’s no inequality in THIS country!



Impeached President Donald J. Trump failed last night in a desperate attempt to save his political skin with a television talk designed to calm a nervous nation confronted with a killer virus.

After using the power of the media to deliver details of a series of legislative and economic actions — including a ban on travel from Europe for 30 days — and bragging about how his administration had managed to keep the deadly novel coronavirus from sweeping across the country, Trump uttered this unforgettable line:

“I will always put the well-being of America first.”

Those words must have been comforting for relatives of the 38 Americans who have already died from coronavirus and the nearly 1,200 others diagnosed with the disease over the past few weeks.

But the real problem with that bogus and pandering statement is that it came after more than a month of Trump downplaying the…

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2 thoughts on “Trump fails in desperate attempt to save his political skin – REBLOG – The Shinbone Star

    • What gets me is that because there are no mass tests, we actually have NO idea how far the virus has spread. there are no known cases in this country of Massachusetts. Except that’s because there are no tests at our only large hospital. There are also no tests in Boston at prominent institutions like Massachusetts General Hospital or here at UMass Medical. These are major research institutions as well as just plain big hospitals.

      Because there are no reported tests, we really have NO idea how far it has spread or who has it. The well-being of the American people”? When has that ever mattered to him or his sycophants!


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