No matter how long I live, I think the memory that will linger longer than any other is the absence of toilet paper. There’s no TP in Massachusetts, even out here in the boonies. No TP in Boston. No TP in Texas, Utah, California, or Canada. Or Australia. So far, they are holding steady in Switzerland, but they are not organizationally challenged.

They just closed all the restaurants and bars in Chicago and parts of New Jersey. Can Massachusetts be far behind?

NOTE: Two hours after I wrote this, the Governor was on TV announcing the closure of restaurants statewide and a very short opening of bars. No bars in Boston? There could be RIOTS!

Speaking of behinds, is this really because of the TP shortage? Maybe they don’t want to feed us because you know, what goes in must come out?

In a lot of places, there’s a shortage of food. Not here, probably because we are a low-density population area. You just don’t find a lot of crowds in Worcester County. Nonetheless, the hospital called to say all non-emergency appointments are canceled and they will call us when they are ready to re-schedule. I’m counting on our lack of population to help control spreading in this area.

I’m alert but not worried. Why worry? What’s going to happen will happen, whether or not I worry.

Did anyone ever imagine living under plague conditions with the worst president ever at the helm? I didn’t think so. For the medievalists in my following, if this doesn’t remind you of the 14th century, nothing will. And the irony is that with all our “advances,” we have nothing that can stop this virus except luck and time.

31 thoughts on “A GLOBAL TOILET PAPER SHORTAGE! HOLY SH$T! – Marilyn Armstrong

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  2. Dan and I are hunkering down for the duration! Being among the back-to-land crowd, we’ve got enough of all essentials to last a very long time! Blessings of provision, protection and peace to you and yours, dear Marilyn.


    • We just don’t have the room to store much more than we have. I had a separate freezer and an extra refrigerator, but we hadn’t used either of them in a long time, so I sold them back to the electric company. Go figure next thing we’ll have is a damned plague.


  3. Out here in California the supermarkets are hiring extra staff to help restock the shelves. We grow food year round out here and yet people are hoarding. Ridiculous!


  4. What I find even more offensive is that people are grabbing the tp to sell to make a profit from those that don’t have any. My son went on our weekly grocery trip and witnessed a woman with as many 26 rolls of tp as she could get in her basket. A friend of his was next in line and had obtained 8 rolls as she literally had none, and the woman whose cart was filled grabbed at her and said I need that. The woman stared at her in disbelief and replied, “I’m not hoarding like you, I need toilet paper and no you can’t have it!” I was stunned tbh. Literally, if you think you have a problem, Id be gathering food supplies that you can actually eat when you have the flue, like soup and canned goods. OMG people are nuts!

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  5. To answer your (possibly) rhetorical question: No I did not. Expect EITHER. I mean this is the 21st Century and surely America would never stoop so low as to put a fascist at the helm (because we saw the horrors of such thinking in World Wars I and II) Well here we are! The best of times and the worst of times — emphasis on the ‘worst of times”. (apologies to Charles Dickens) – *sigh*

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    • About every 50 years, everyone forgets the past. Unless you are a historian, history isn’t part of you mental processes.

      But no one expects a plague especially during a time with our proto-Emporer on his white throne. I bet he is not out of toilet paper.


    • Ditto here. The governor came on TV last night, right after I finished writing this and closed us down. Statewide. So there are groceries, pharmacies, gas stations, and take-out restaurants. I hope everyone stocked up on beer and vodka. It’s going to be a long “vacation.”

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