Between pretty good marriage one and fabulous marriage three, there was unspeakable marriage two.

To explain it by saying it seemed like a good idea at the time is not entirely true. I knew it was a bad idea. Not only did I think it was a bad idea, but everyone who knew me thought it was a terrible idea.

No one said, “Follow your heart!” because it was clear whatever I was following, it wasn’t my heart — or my brain — but some part lower down and less rational.

Why did I marry someone obviously wrong for me?

I didn’t realize he was stupid. I thought he was just quiet. I had no experience with stupid people, after all. There were warnings.

Like when his mother took me aside and said “You know, he isn’t really stupid. He just seems stupid.” His mother?

I overlooked the evil temper, ignorance, and drug abuse. The lack of any ambition or profession. That he was courting me while his wife was dying of cancer. There were levels of wrongness too many to count. I figured he was merely a little stressed.

So, how did it work out?  How do you think?

Some crazy risks are fun. Just make sure, before you take a mad plunge, the price you pay isn’t beyond your means. When your brain, friends, and  family are screaming “DON’T DO IT?”

Don’t. Do. It.

The real reason I did it?

I was too proud to admit I was wrong. Pride will get you every time.

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  1. My second marriage was to a Tibetan whom I was actually dating, and whom I never saw after the wedding night–he was a translator and I knew and agreed that he would continue to travel with his lama, and then eventually I never saw him again and had to send notices to all the papers in Nepal, with giant bribes attached, to notify of my intention to divorce after we lost email contact and after I was cooked and not healthy or wealthy enough to help him get back over here. Oh well. He was a nice guy, andit seemed like a good idea at the time.


  2. Sometimes that’s all we have to go on – “It seemed like a good idea at the time”.
    Leslie xoxo

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  3. Oh yes – Been there, done that! Pride goeth before a fall.


  4. True words. A friend often says: There is always a price to be paid. For everything….
    It’s an annoying saying. It’s also true!


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