Cee’s Black & White Fences and Gates

Forget not the dogs!

A short ladder against the wooden fence

Tufted Titmouse on the fence rail

Balcony steps and fence

The long front fence in a blizzard

Western fence — Photo: Garry Armstrong

Gate to the farm

Cee's Black-White

17 thoughts on “CEE’S BLACK & WHITE GATES AND FENCES – Marilyn Armstrong

    • Many people feel that black and white is real photography. I like black and white for some things, but sometimes the picture is about color. For black and white, I like things with texture and angles.


    • You get really good contrast and texture in black and white. I think the lack of color makes the pictures less complex. Color is also an object, so when you add color, you are adding even more “stuff” to the visual.

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      • I get too much stimuli a lot of times, to the point that I have only started wtaching videos again the last few months after years of avoiding it. Motion plus everything else was too much. Black and white feels more restful and even intriguing, sort of private or secret.


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