GIVING UP – Marilyn Armstrong

Garry pointed out that there was something weird going on between our two toilets. They are really one toilet with a wall between them, but since we got one of them replaced if you flush one, the water in the other one drops. The only way you notice if both toilets are in use at the same time.

“You flushed and the water level went down,” he said.

“Yes, I know. I don’t think anything is broken, but the two toilets have established some linkage.”

One Flying Squirrel is in a fast glide while another is busy eating

Gliding in for a landing

I went into the kitchen to toast an English muffin. As I was putting a bit of strawberry, I realized we had given up watching political news because there isn’t anything to watch. We don’t watch baseball because … well … there is no baseball. Garry has given up reading the sports news. The only thing on the sports news is who just tested positive for Coronavirus.

You can really see the squirrel on this one

I love the way these guys wrap themselves around the feeders

Last night, our night camera took more than 1000 pictures. After I deleted about 600 pictures that were almost identical, I think I got a few where you can almost see the flying squirrels. Meanwhile, a regular squirrel dropped in for dinner. That’s the first time in weeks any of them have come by in the evening. They come by in groups in the morning, but usually don’t come back. Today, one of them did. He was small. A baby squirrel?

Another picture where you can actually see the squirrel!

These little squirrels are very agile. Can you see his big shiny eye?

I watch birds a lot. I take flower pictures. I have no plans for the future because everything is canceled. Eventually, we’ll have to get back to planning, but for the moment, there’s no point. Giving up seems the thing to do, you know? Not forever, but for now.

Meanwhile, I started rereading “Earth Abides” last night. I find it soothing.


The biggest lie we tell all the time is that when we check the box at the bottom we are agreeing to an interminable list of conditions that basically say whatever they say. What we know is if we do not sign, we can’t use the product.

It’s not a choice. It’s a mandate. So we pretend we read the legal shmaltz because we need to use the application or product and there’s no other way to do it.

But we don’t read it. No one reads it. Why bother? Check the box. You have to check it anyway.

I think once I made an effort to read the small print, but it was years ago when I thought there was a choice.

Now? I just check the box, like everyone else. Have you read those terms and conditions? Ever?