Even the dogs are sleeping late. They woke me briefly at 7:40 because Bonnie demands cookies in the morning. If Garry doesn’t give her cookies and while he is at it, clean out her eyes, she will keep barking. Forever.

One morning she barked continuously for more than three hours, but to be fair to me, she started earlier than usual. I thought four in the morning was too early to wake Garry. He can’t hear the barking because all his hearing equipment is off and the batteries are charging. If I want to make the barking go away, I have to wear headphones and listen to music.

I have headphones that block noise, but it’s really hard to roll over in bed with big, blocky headphones, even if Beethoven’s Sixth Symphony is playing.

After getting her cookies, she didn’t start barking again. I woke up around ten, which is on the early side these days. Garry woke up and I told him he didn’t have to get up. We had nothing to do. Well, we did, but nothing that was scheduled. I wanted to vacuum and change the furry covers on the sofa. I also had a plan to sweep the dead seeds off the deck and refill the feeders. Maybe take a few pictures. Write something.

Garry got up anyway and so did I.

I discovered 24 rolls of Charmin actually available on Amazon and bought it, even though it was 50% more expensive than before the plague hit America. I know it’s not like the Black Plague or even the Spanish Flu, but it’s bad enough. It may not kill quite as many people, but it’s doing pretty well and destroying the world’s economy.

It took a freaking plague to get people to forget how much they hate each other and begin to work together. And the moment the plague is over, they will all be at each others’ throats again — if not sooner. I’d like to think the peace could last a little bit longer, but somehow, I doubt it.

There will again be politics and primaries and elections. Everyone will hate everyone again and eventually, life will be normal. Whatever that means.

7 thoughts on “I TOLD HIM HE DIDN’T HAVE TO GET UP, BUT HE GOT UP ANYWAY – Marilyn Armstrong

  1. Bonnie looks wonderful and seeing your lovely bird feeding is a treat for me. I am seeing more and more kindness and gratitude in our community here in the valley I live int. People are saying what great work the staff are doing at the supermarkets, and asking others if they need anything or can they do their shopping for them if they can not get out.

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  2. I was listening and watching a man who remains nameless but is not the leader of my country, on our national TV broadcast news this morning Monday. I really was struggling to make any sense out of what he was actually saying in his address. Though at one point he was talking about the need to keep social distancing how important it was, and yet he had two other men standing right behind him under a metre away from him. Obviously its do as I say not what I do. But then it took him a few weeks to admit it was not a hoax.

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  3. I guess having to stay inside and not interact with folks socially, kinda puts a damper on physical expressions of hate.., that is unless you happen to be the POTUS, in which case proceed in the normal manner.

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