NEW BABY ORCHID – Marilyn Armstrong


Life isn’t very exciting around here. I’m sure it isn’t exciting around your place either.

Never have I been more grateful for books, streaming TV, flowers, birds, cameras, and software of all kinds.

Before the flower comes the bud

Today I scored the last package of 24 rolls of Charmin on Amazon. I won’t get it until next week, but that’s okay. I think we’ll survive until then. Every time I use a paper towel or some TP, I feel like I need to be very wary of how much I use. It is very weird.

See the baby orchid?

The full branch

I feel like I did while recuperating from some major surgery or other. We can’t go anywhere and in this case, there’s nowhere to go anyway. As the weather warms a bit, we might take cameras and go to the parks. They, at least, are still open.

The orchid was opening as I took pictures

I also want to know who told the grocery store owners that old people get up very early. I don’t get up very early. Garry doesn’t get up very early. In fact, if he had a choice, he might just sleep around the clock. After announcing the super early-morning for the elderly shopping hours, they did some on-the-street-interviews with the over-60 crowd. Every single one said they didn’t know about other folks their age, but pretty much nothing on earth would get them out of bed at 6:30 in the morning.

You can actually see the difference between the pictures

As of right now, the only thing that gets me up that early is Bonnie on a nonstop barking spree, needing something to drink because I feel thirsty all the time, and the bathroom.

I was awake at around 10 this morning, which is a little on the early side. I used the extra time to listen to more of “Earth Abides,” discover Amazon had one package remaining of 24 rolls of Charmin toilet paper. Now no one has to get up at the crack of dawn to raid a grocery store.

The garden

Overnight, the last big bud on this branch of my orchids opened up. There were a couple of new blooms on the cactuses, too. I took a few pictures of flowers. I also took some bird pictures. And processed some really cute raccoon shots.

We vacuumed, changed the covers on the sofas, I realized I need to re-pot three plants and decided to throw a pizza in the oven tonight. Life toddles along. Even the dogs are sleeping late these days.

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  1. The local grocery store (one of anyway) announced 7 to 8 am seniors and elderly only. Hmm well, that won’t be me, cause I’ve recently started sleeping in. No one to prepare the day for (ie school) and as a result of this virus, my son’s office is closed and he’ll be working from home. He had to go to the expense of obtaining a desk plus all the extra connections to make this a business line but he’s working for which he’s truly grateful because more than half the town isn’t. My granddaughters both got laid off, grand daughter’s boyfriend, my daughter, the kids are out of school till the end of the year my granddaughter that’s graduating was told she’s graduated. End of story. No grad ceremonies and she bought her dress and paid to have it altered all in all 850.00 of her own pocket money and since she’s only working a day a week lately, as a result of the virus, it’s going to be difficult for her and she’s needless to say bummed out because there won’t be a ceremony. She worked 12 years for this and she’s going to become a doctor and this was such a highlight for her. I understand the reasoning behind all of this but it is heartbreaking too.


  2. How great that you can sleep until 10. I can barely manage to sleep until 6.30am over weekends and get up at 5am during the week. The orchids are lovely, Marilyn.


    • When I was working, I was out of bed at 5:30 every morning and on the road by 6:30 and often earlier. It took me about three years of literally practicing sleeping late to get it together. I still wake up hours before Garry, but I use the time to read. But it took practice. One day I realized I didn’t have to get up. I didn’t have a schedule unless I wanted one. After I got “Teepee” published, I started to relax. I’m not a good sleeper, but better than I was.

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  3. Their structure is so complicated….


  4. Thank you for this, Marilyn. I thought it was just me. Senior shopping from 7am – 8am? Oh, so we can beat the crowds to ‘keep us safe.’ I went the store this week at about 9am and there were plenty of seniors dragging their shopping carts around. I wonder who actually shows at all bright and shiny at 7am.


    • Someone must have started a rumor that all seniors get up early and go to bed at 6 in the evening. I don’t know anyone who actually lives like that. My son already knows not to ever plan an activity before 11 in the morning. Sometimes I get up earlier for medical stuff or because I get an idea of something to write … or there is a sunrise I want to grab. It also depends more on how much barking is going on in the house or if the telephone keeps ringing. Garry can’t hear any of that, so he sleeps peacefully through the barking, ringing, gonging (lots of chiming clocks) and for that matter, me listening to all 9 of Beethoven’s symphonies. That man can really SLEEP.

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  5. wow, getting up at 10 sounds like sheer bliss to me! Usually, elder people DO get up early so the store opening for the older ones is not wrong per se. It’s just YOU who are falling out of their raster 😉
    Every bxoxy time I go to the loo I have to think of you guys with not enough tp…. honest to God!!!! I mean, whatever next?! 🙂 – I’m glad I can now return to something a bit more upscale when doing my ‘sessions’! Be well and stay as healthy as possible.


    • I beg to differ. We ARE seniors and all our friends are seniors and NONE of us get up earlier than noon unless we have no choice. It’s why Garry hasn’t been to church in more than 20 years because nothing will drag him out of bed before noon on Sunday (except the occasional wedding, funeral, bar or bat mitzvah, or an evening Christmas Eve service). Some people get up early because their body clocks won’t let them sleep, but you can overcome that with diligent efforts. Drugs help too.

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      • good for you. I only know the earlybirds, and because they all had to get up at 6 or before a lifetime long, they can’t change for a later wakey-time…. What I love to do (and don’t have sufficently the time for) is reading when I wake up – then….. the time flies and today it was nearly 11am by the time I went to take my shower!

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        • If you want to change your sleep pattern, you can do it. Garry doesn’t get up early and I like spending time with him. Being up three hours before he was even thinking about getting up wasn’t working out. Our relationship wasn’t much of a relationship because we were more or less passing in the halls. So I adapted. It took a few months, but change is what life is about. It’s much better now. MUCH better.

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          • oh I know all about THAT. When I married Hero Husband, I KNEW we’d be in trouble if I couldn’t adjust to HIS sleeping timetable. And yes, we now get up at the same time although I’d LOVE to stay longer in bed, but I still stay up a loooong time after he’s already with the dreams’ providers….. HE needs his beauty sleep, I always say. And I am beautiful already (ha ha) – at least on the inside I hope, as the exterieur leaves a lot to be desired!


    • Sometimes, when the phone has been relentlessly ringing — and no one is on the other end (I hate that) — I finally just can’t go back to sleep. But that doesn’t mean I have to get UP. I can still read, listen to music, write something (I have my Mac next to my bed and my Kindle with a nice little Bluetooth speaker, too) … or check the blog. Even Garry takes his computer to bed. Part of his late sleeping has to do with how late he stays up watching old movies and catching up with email. I’m almost always asleep before he is … unless I get a late-night fit of creativity.

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