FOTD – March 23 –ORCHIDS

It’s very quiet here. It’s quiet everywhere except, I suppose in the hospitals. Because we have a guy as the president who cannot tell the truth and I think isn’t entirely sure what the truth IS, trying to find out what is happening is very hard. They make decisions, then the congress gets to brawling again. While they are busy politicking, the rest of us are wondering how we are going to pay the mortgage. All across this country, the unemployment rate is rising like crazy … and they are STILL arguing.

The table garden …

All the orchids on the branch

But before the flower, the bud


Five Orchids

37 thoughts on “IT’S SPRING INSIDE, BUT CHILLY OUTSIDE – Marilyn Armstrong

  1. Lovely flowers! It’s sunny here but very cold. Though I’m allowed out once a day for exercise or to buy essentials.
    I heard Mr Trump has sorted out a rescue plan now. Bet he wishes he hadn’t spent all that emergency fund on the Wall now.


  2. I’d love to give Trump a heavy dose of hopelessness and despair he’s offered me in the last 3+ years – He’s the greater Virus in my opinion to fight now.


  3. What amazes me is that he and Pence got their results so quickly. Some people waited and waited to get theirs, but one day we hear they’re getting tested and the next day, they’re negative. I don’t believe any of it.


    • Unfortunately, a lot of people DO believe. I think it’s because everyone badly needs answers, one of those times when we need a real president and we have this fake guy instead. It seems that each day is a little harder than the one before it. Trying to stay upbeat, but not always doing as well as I would like. And what’s with the SNOW today?

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