There were 871 pictures on the chip this morning. I was sure half of them would just be the feeders swinging in the wind. I was wrong. There were pictures of flying squirrels and raccoons in every picture. Among the flying squirrel pictures, about 500 of them were squirrels glued to the sides of the feeders sucking fruit and nuts. I had to go through all the photographs and pick out the ones that had the sharpest contrast and at least some detail so you could tell you weren’t just looking at a lump.

The problem is that just because you’ve got pictures, doesn’t mean you have interesting pictures. Three hundred pictures of the same three raccoons eating from the same feeders is not a thrill. I have to look for a few pictures that don’t look like every other picture. With the raccoons, that was a problem. They were seriously dedicated to the eating part of the experience.

Two hundred pictures. One hundred and ninety-seven of them look almost identical: two raccoons sucking the seeds out of the big feeder and another working on the other large feeder.

Are the landing lights on?

As for the flying squirrels, I got interesting pictures, but it’s so hard to clean up the pictures enough to post them. It took me most of the afternoon to do fewer than a dozen pictures. So today, it’s pretty much all about flying squirrels.

7 thoughts on “ANOTHER BIG BANG NIGHT WITH THE CAMERA TRAP – Marilyn Armstrong

  1. And I thought it was grinding work going through 150 or so raw photos from my walks in the park…. about half of which are blurry, or feature scenery where a squirrel WAS a second before the picture took. I appreciate the effort, though, because now I know someone who can get pics of flying squirrels! They always look like they’re going to collide headfirst with the feeder while they’re gliding in…


    • They have amazing control of their gliding flaps. I guess it takes practice. They also glide rather short distances when they could probably as easily jump as fly, but I think they like flying. I think the birds like it too. They have contests to see who can fall headfirst to the ground before opening their wings. It never occurred to me that squirrels or birds flew just for the fun of it, but why not?


  2. I can imagine the work you have to get the photos how you want them, but good work. I would love to see what happens outside when I am not there during the night.


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