Fandango’s Provocative Question #62

Over the past few weeks, each of us has had to make some sacrifices due to the global coronavirus/COVID-19 pandemic. Many of us have had to make adjustments to how we go about our daily lives. My provocative question this week is simply this:

I really haven’t given up anything except seeing doctors, getting haircuts, and going grocery shopping more than once a week. Garry goes out more than I do, but that is because I don’t go out at all. I’m much too at risk to take a chance. There have been a lot more cases in our area than we thought there would be. I thought our relative isolation might keep us safer — and it has. Safer isn’t the same as safe. We are better off than Boston and enormously better off than New York, but we aren’t out of the woods.

Essentially, though life has been the same except I’m sleeping more. I write, take pictures, play some online bridge, watch the news, and read. That’s not, in any meaningful way, much different than our usual way of life, though we usually go out a little more than this. But just a little bit.

23 thoughts on “HOW HAS LIFE CHANGED SINCE THE PANDEMIC? – Marilyn Armstrong

  1. I am establishing a routine, get up immediate when I wake up, this is getting earlier it is now about 8:00am and I have my two cups of coffee with brekkie. Once my dogs come down stairs(they are not so happy I am getting up early, I top up the bird baths and walk about the garden. This has helped me a lot. more in regard to my Complex Post Traumatic Stress Disorder than the Virus.

    I am being far more childlike, and lying on the ground watching clouds we have had stunning days, in my garden, playing with the dogs, and in all honesty things have not changed here. I am taking vitamin D when the days are not sunny and I dont get to sit or lie out in the grass watching clouds. I enjoy your posts and photos so much.



  2. I’ve fallen into a fugue state of existence where it doesn’t much matter what day it is or whether I have to be anywhere. This means standards are falling. Showers are skipped. We are turning scruffy and stinky, but there’s no one to really complain about it, so that’s ok!

    I do miss getting a nice, hot shower without worrying what the kid is up to though.

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  3. Not much changed for me, except that I don’t commute to the airport every day. Even so, I don’t feel I have gained any time. Maybe that’s because I get up later. I still sit in front of two monitors and try to book freight.

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  4. I don’t miss my commute… At all. Honestly I am still required to drive a bit (though far less than before) and the traffic is back to late 1990s levels. Dare I say it, it’s wonderfully and highlights the awful impact spending 2 hours a day in traffic had on me.
    I’m not saying the trade off for uncertainty and anxiet y is worth it, but I’m definitely enjoying those extra hours of life


    • The only thing I miss about working is the paycheck. The commute tried to kill me and by the time I was unable to work any more, I was so sick nothing else mattered. If we weren’t so poor, retirement would be perfect. That and this virus, of course. It would also be nice to be a lot healthier!

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  5. The biggest change I’ve experienced is that I’m buying things online that I might have otherwise run out to the hardware store or drugstore to pick up. And ordering dinner delivery instead of going out to eat at a restaurant.


    • No GrubHub here. If it existed, we couldn’t afford it. Also, there are no decent restaurants locally except one that makes hamburgers and they are closed, so aside from places too far for deliveries (more than 20 miles), we might as well cook. We used to go out to eat at least once a week, but when we moved here, we were stunned by the absence of places where you could get an edible meal. So, I cook. Owen cooks too so finally, it isn’t all me.

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  6. I’ve gone a bit project mad. I started a sewing project and then a cross stitch project while reading different books for entertainment. Oh, and cooking enough to feed my son! The never ending battle! I miss having my house to myself a few days a week. But, other than that, I don’t miss much.

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