COVID-19 body count is just a numbers game to Trump

He actually thinks the medical community is lying, that they don’t REALLY need all that equipment. Hard to believe that somehow, we elected this jerk.


From the start, going back most likely to December when the dreaded and deadly word coronavirus reached the White House, it’s been a numbers game for Impeached President Donald J. Trump. A master marketer of his personal and political brand, Trump realized that if the body count from COVID-19 in the U.S. reached pandemic levels during 2020, his re-election bid could be in serious jeopardy.

So Trump and his enablers developed a strategy — similar to what the Pentagon’s propaganda machine used during the Vietnam War — to minimize the visibility of the deadly disease while working feverishly behind the scenes to keep the number of deaths low and, more importantly for his campaign purposes, out of the headlines.

On Jan. 21, the first American was diagnosed with the virus. A day later while in Davos, Switzerland attending the World Economic Forum, Trump was asked if he was worried about…

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3 thoughts on “COVID-19 body count is just a numbers game to Trump

  1. I could barely contain my anger as he talked about how many respriators? Ventilators it should have been were delivered about New York city and no one knew they were there? How it was only in three areas and people else where would be OK. When a reporter asked him but what if people leave the areas, and go elsewhere, the look on Ts face was like what why would anyone move, leave? Is that a possibility? Sigh. I think he is taking the malaria medication or on some other thing because he is even more inept and foolish. At least my PM is trying to be more compassionate. Some of our state premiers, are fools. Letting a boat load of a cruise ship just get off and head home with no checks and not told to go into self isolation, Now so many new cases are being connected to the travel home on planes and trains buses into shops bye these passengers. sig


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