BELL BOTTOMS BLUES – Marilyn Armstrong

I miss the blue jeans. The big wide bell bottoms denim jeans were the most flattering pants I ever wore. They made my legs look longer and my hips narrower. Of course, I was also 50 years younger, so that may have had something to do with it too … but still, I miss them.

From the year my son was born — 1969 — and for the next few years, fashion and I were in tune. It was probably the only time in my life when what was in fashion looked good on me and was also comfortable. I had not yet discovered the joy of elastic.

It was the happiest and hippiest of times …

I was young, in my early twenties. I wore bell bottoms. My favorite pair were patchwork jeans. By the end of a day wearing them, I looked as if I had been sitting on a waffle iron. I loved them anyway.

My shirts had fringes. Everything had fringes. I think my draperies had fringes too.


I wore granny glasses with rose-tinted lenses. I had my hair cut in a shag. I carried my baby in a sling on my hip, had a Leica on my shoulder and a song in my heart. That was a great time.

They are making them again now, but they aren’t cut the same way and aren’t flattering. And anyway, these days if it doesn’t stretch, I probably won’t wear them. I miss having a body and clothing. I really miss the Leica. Mostly, I want those old bell bottoms back!

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  1. I found an old pair of BB jeans in one of my drawers about a year ago. I didn’t know I still had them, but there they were.., and “Tie Dyed” too. Of course I can no longer fit into them, but it was a nice surprise form the past.


  2. Agreed, I love wide leg jeans and now they even have stretch. I recently sewed some patches on my boyfriend jeans where they leave the knees shredded, was tired of my knees sticking out and getting cold there. Wide leg jeans look best on me as well, and I just love the 70’s style, we were all casual and comfortable even with decent figures. You look like a typical 70’s lady in these pictures, I also had the pinstripe wide leg jeans, still do, Ralph Lauren version, beautiful and fit perfect, no stretch though. I will NOT get rid of them, just try to keep myself in that size.


    • It was the shape of the leg. They weren’t just bell bottom at the base, they were a long angular line from the hip. That’s what made them both very comfortable and attractive. Most of the ones they are making now are just flower-shaped at the bottom of the legs which looks like a big fluffy fringe. Not a good look for anyone over the age of 8.


  3. I had granny glasses too then…


  4. Love your photos of your and your son he has such deep eyes. I was a bit behind your fashion days sadly. I would have loved those outfits. Still would. Though I do have one recollection as a 10 year old getting wet in my new jeans. The lower half of my body was blue for quiet a while. Perhaps that was where the idea for the Smurfs came from . someone getting wet in their jeans lol☺️🙃🙃👖☮️

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  5. Ah, what lovely photos! Hip hugger bell bottoms for me –


  6. Lmao. I loved them. I have to tell you this story. My then-fiancee and I were walking into the stationery store to choose wedding invitations. I was wearing, you guessed it, bell bottoms. New bell-bottoms and I was very proud of them, loved them! We chose the stationary and as we walked out, there was an amazing trail of blue water…it had dripped from the bottom of my soaking wet jeans. I went back days later and it had taken them several tries to get the blue out of the floor. I felt bad, but I still loved my blue bell-bottom jeans. lol

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  7. Bell Bottoms? Long ago when our world was young.


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