Bill Gates Predicted this Pandemic and a Solution for Curtailment in 2015. Who listened? REBLOG

No one ever listens. Do you have to fail an IQ test to be “the leader” of a nation? We are “led” by morons and not just here, either. I say LET them keep the gun shops open. Maybe they’ll kill each other. Wouldn’t that make life ever so much easier?


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10 thoughts on “Bill Gates Predicted this Pandemic and a Solution for Curtailment in 2015. Who listened? REBLOG

  1. Even our Sci Fi writers and film makers tried to warn us with tales of killer diseases attacking the human race. Of course they made these things up, but as I realized later in my life, these tales were more “Science Probability” than “Fiction.” Most of the better writers WERE scientists, or had very strong science backgrounds, and thoroughly understood the progression of our biological history and could, with a fair amount of educated guessing, and speculation, predict what we might run into in the future. Still no-one saw this coming. We have to ask ourselves why, and the lesser question.., why, the unavailability of “Toilet Paper” would be a worst case scenario?

    The next thing we may face is the likelihood that an alien race, from another galaxy, having destroyed their own environment, will attempt to invade earth, wipe out the remaining survivors of this most recent plague, and take over the planet. Maybe COVID-19 is their weapon and the invasion has begun? Now Bill didn’t mention any of this but I’m sure he and others like us have given it some fleeting attention. If we get through this first volley, I suggest we keep our eyes on the skies. I’m just sayin’.


      • I do blogs for U.S. immigration (Tillsvisalaw) and the population have grown in leaps and bounds since 1900. – related to the number of people entering the United States – unbelievable. Growth in other countries deemed as 3rd world type has added to the influx of people. It is a concern. You can even wonder if nature has its own balancing act.


        • It’s the crowding that makes these pandemics inevitable. The Spanish flu which wasn’t Spanish got it’s “legs” in the trenches of WW1. It was the crowding. The Black Plague knocked off more than half the earth’s human population and everything changed. How much will this change our world? I think most people think it’s just going to go back to how it was, whatever that means. But I don’t think it will. The world is going to change. A lot. I don’t know exactly how, but it will be a new world when we start rebuilding. Do you think Americans will still be arguing about healthcare? Or maybe they will keep drinking bleach.


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