This is a correction from the previous message. It didn’t occur to me to warn people to not drink Listerine or bleach. Seriously? How stupid have we gotten? I’m assuming anyone who reads this blog is smart enough to recognize the difference between a cleanser, a mouthwash, and a cure.

There are no cures for Covid 19 or stupidity, so you can be sure that none of these items are a cure. These are standard ways to clean your hands and other surfaces. Sunshine can break down the virus, but we haven’t seen sunshine in a while. I’m sure one day the sun will shine again. That would make me feel better, Covid 19 or not.

  1. The virus is not a living organism, but a protein molecule (DNA) covered by a protective layer of lipid (fat), which, when absorbed by the cells of the ocular (eye), nasal or buccal (the area around the lips, tongue, and mouth) mucosa, changes their genetic code and converts them into aggressors and multiplier cells.
  2. Since viruses are not living organisms but protein molecules, it can’t be killed. It does, however, decay. The amount of time disintegration takes depends on a variety of factors.
  3. The only thing that protects this virus is a thin outer layer of fat. That’s why soap or detergent is a good remedy because soap cuts the fat. This is also why you have to scrub for at least 20 seconds or more. Some people sing happy birthday twice. I count just like when I’m rebooting the TV or the computer.
  4. By dissolving the fat layer, the protein molecule disperses, breaks down, and is no longer dangerous.
  5. Use hot water for washing hands, clothes and everything else.
  6. Alcohol or any mixture with alcohol greater than 65% dissolves fat, especially the external lipid layer of the virus.
  7. Bleach kills it, but it’s overkill. Soap is effective and won’t damage your skin. Bleach is a powerful cleanser and inhaling it is bad for your lungs and throat. Does anyone need to be warned not to drink it?
  8. Peroxide works, but you have to use it in its pure state and it can damage your skin. Don’t use it unless you must and certainly DON’T drink it!
  9. No bactericide will do the job. The virus is not a living organism as bacteria is. Bactericide cannot kill what is not alive.
  10. Wash clothing in warm or hot water. Use soap. Wipe down surfaces with soap and water or something like that. I don’t know how effective it is against the virus, but I’ve had a lot of luck breaking up grease and fat with Windex.
  11. The virus can not get through healthy skin.
  12. Vinegar is not an effective cleanser.
  13. Booze will NOT do the job. This includes vodka. Vodka is usually 40% alcohol. There’s a Polish brand that’s 96% but if you’re buying that Vodka, maybe you should consider drinking it rather than using it as a cleanser. Now this one, you CAN drink.
  14. An effective amount of alcohol needed to destroy the protein is a minimum of 65%. Listerine is NOT 65% alcohol but I can’t imagine rinsing your mouth with it after brushing your teeth could possibly hurt.
  15. Wash your hands often, especially after touching your eyes, nose, mouth, food, locks, knobs, switches, remote controls, cell phones, watches, computers, desks, TV, and so on. And of course when you use the bathroom.
  16. You should moisturize your hands after this much washing. Invest in a high-quality moisturizer. Keep your nails short and clean.

All of this material is available just about everywhere: on hospital websites, state virus websites and more. This is pretty standard stuff and I am still having trouble believing that I have to warn my readers to not drink bleach, soap, Listerine, Windex, peroxide, et al. Maybe a slug or two of vodka could help settle your brain. It won’t cure anything, but that’s not the point.

This article supposedly debunks this article. Except what it debunks is stupidity. See it here: https://www.factrakers.org/post/busted-coronavirus-myths-take-on-new-life

Use commonsense. Don’t do anything really dumb.


      • Don’t forget, there are some little Christian clusters around the world–Africa, mostly– who take the advice of Jesus (forget which book and verse) where he said that if you believe in him, whatever you take into your body won’t harm you. Apparently, it’s a test of faith AND a cure and many of them were reported to be drinking bleach as proof and giving it to their kids, too, with lots of prayer.

        Been a while since I’ve read the stories. Hope they were shut down. And hopefully this crap won’t bring them back again.


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