The big feeder is empty today. I assume that most of the food is part of our growing phalanx of flying squirrels and raccoons. The rest of it is all over the deck. The raccoons have hands and reach inside the feeder and pull out huge clumps of seeds.

You can almost see the whole squirrel!

Gliding in for a landing on the central post

Gliding squirrel folding up his “wings”

Sitting on the rail, pondering the food banks

The camera took another 1020 pictures the other night. I think this may be its maximum number, but maybe it needs a bigger SD card. I deleted about 700 of them and will probably delete another 100 or more, but I got some interesting flying squirrel pictures and some entertaining raccoon photos.

Ever busy, the raccoon did seeds from the feeder

Oh the joy of seeds

You can almost see these little ones growing each time I take their pictures

It’s sunny with floating clouds today. It’s the first sun we’ve had in a week and it is supposed to rain again tomorrow. Not our best week but rumor has it that it will be better next week.

30 thoughts on “FLYING SQUIRRELS AND TOO MANY RACCOONS – Marilyn Armstrong

  1. Those raccoons are too cute, and they look very young. You’re really going to have to start a wildlife sanctuary out of all of this. Maybe you can raise money by opening a petting zoo…


    • I wouldn’t pet those guys. They are wild. They just like our seeds. I love the way they shove those little paws into the feeders and grab pawsful of seeds, dropping half of them on the deck. Well, THEY don’t have to clean up!

      These are babies. In a few months, they are going to be a whole lot bigger! Longer tails, darker masks, more striping on their fluffier tails.


  2. We’ve had cold weather, low single digits that made snow possible. Suddenly we went to 9 10 degrees and crisp. A bit of sun for a couple of days and now wet and rainy. Our little black squirrels are making their presence known, delightfully as they sit perched on the fence or smirk from a branch that has the cats chasing or mewing and the dog barking ecstatically. We built a bonfire the other night which was enjoyable and found out as soon as we posted pictures that the CITY isn’t allowing them or any fires and it’s still I won’t say spring, it doesn’t feel like it yet. Provincially no ban. Who knew. Fun while it lasted.


    • It has been cold. Warmer today, but so far, it has been a very chilly and very WET spring. But to be fair, this is how spring usually is around here. It doesn’t feel like spring until at the earliest, mid-April. Since I’m home all the time anyway, I can wait.


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