BIRDS UP TOP – DAY 3 – Marilyn Armstrong


Whose on top? I think all the birds are on top! If you ask the birds in this picture, I’m pretty sure the Goldfinch win. The Goldfinches are all over the place and they always win. I think it is because they are so brilliantly golden. Even on these cold, gray, rainy days, they are flying rays of light.

High up on the hanger, the bright Goldfinch sits, bright as a sunbeam.


21 thoughts on “BIRDS UP TOP – DAY 3 – Marilyn Armstrong

  1. Rays of light the certainly are, Marilyn. One thing I find comforting amid all this chaos is that spring is progressing as normal and nature is continuing to thrive. I don’t know whether you’ve found this over there, but we’re seeing so much more wildlife out and about during this period of lockdown. It seems that the birds and animals like deer and foxes are getting bolder. That’s rather reassuring too. You must get a lot of pleasure from taking such great photos of your garden visitors. 🙂


    • When I got up this morning, all three feeders were covered with birds. I’m proud to say they all look healthy, well-feathered, bright, and shiny. We had at least four different woodpeckers, red and goldfinches, a variety of nuthatches, doves (on the deck), chickadees, juncos with other birds waiting in the trees for “room at the buffet.” Apparently, our feeding program is going well for the feathered crew.

      I didn’t put the night camera because, as predicted, it’s raining again but they must have been out because a few pounds of black sunflower seeds were missing. Raccoons too because at least three pounds of their favorite seeds were gone. Pity I can’t get that particular feed again. Not until there is another sale. They’ll have to survive on less delicious food. It’s such delicious food, WE could eat it. Owen says it looks exactly like trail mix and basically, it is the same, but in smaller pieces. They did perk up my morning.

      When I was up much earlier, it was all squirrels all the time (regular, non-flying) … but at five in the morning, I don’t feel like taking pictures.

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      • I also get up at 5am, Marilyn. That is when I do a lot of my blogging. It is wonderful that you have such an array of birds and animals. We get birds because we live near a bird sanctuary but no other visitors.


  2. Hey Marilyn… I do love the birds, have feeders everywhere… robins, finches, doves and red headed woodpeckers coming home for spring. Now i got a neighbor complaining they poo on her car after eating because she turned her garage into a gym and can’t park it inside. I have instructed my bird friends to aim for her white Jeep with fancy wheels because it won’t show so bad. Best I could do.


    • Our anti-bug and mouse guy says we have an awful lot of birds, but fortunately, we live several hundred yards from anyone else. I’m SURE they would complain, but all they do with their backyard is grow dope, so I don’t think they worry about birds.

      The place is set up with cameras and piles of trash everywhere. Apparently, dope-stealers hate trash. They should wear Bean-boots so they wouldn’t need to worry about their shoes. People never wear the right shoes for late-night theft. Sneakers just don’t do it.

      We don’t have much in the way of “home crime,” but pot theft is pretty big locally since we ALL have at least 2 acres (we have 2.5, about which we apologize as in “We ONLY have 2.5 acres.” Neighbors look at us pityingly. Most people have between 15 and 40 acres.

      If I could GET my birds to poo on something, it would definitely be the nasty-ass pot growers next door. They are such unpleasant people. They used to fly their own personal Confederate flag accompanied by a little Black jockey. Garry marched over there one day after we had recently moved in and asked them: “DO WE HAVE A PROBLEM?”

      He had to shout because they were having a massive skinhead beer event and the music was loud enough to hear in outer space. The flag and jockey left, but now there’s a lot of dope (I don’t mind the dope … it’s their bad attitude I dislike), all confined with wire because otherwise, the deer eat it and there’s nothing worse than stoned deer collapsing in your backyard.

      Ah the joys of rural life!


    • As of today, they are brilliantly yellow. Flying sunshine and there are so many of them in on the feeders, in the overhead branches, eating feed on the deck left by marauding raccoons. They disappear for a couple of months every year in November when they fly UP to Canada and breed, then come back in January or February. They are the only bird I know of who go north to breed. But they also nest and breed hear. This is one bird that is fortunately not in danger.


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