When you’ve been married for a long time, there’s nothing new you can say that you haven’t said on all those other birthdays. I know this isn’t a great time for celebrations, … but we are alive and so far, so good.

Whenever this siege ends, we will celebrate your birthday, probably Owen’s too. We’ll celebrate surviving, on managing to have sufficient toilet paper and with a little luck, not having you-know-who in charge.

Meanwhile, tons of love from everyone because you are just such a lovable guy!

Happy very big birthday!

33 thoughts on “BE JOYFUL! IT’S YOUR BIRTHDAY!

  1. It’s our older daughter’s birthday today. I baked a chocolate cake for her. She will come over for a brief, distant visit and a piece of cake. We’ve had two family birthdays so far since this isolation started.

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  2. brilliant and heart-felt birthday card! Happy birthday Garry, from afar (Switzerland) and may you guys have a wild party when all this is over and gone….. And Marilyn, may all your wishes for Garry, yourself and the world come true! Hugs.

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    • Kiki, thank you for your lovely birthday sentiments from Switzerland. The Wild Party? Not sure but we’ll certainly celebrate. Thanks, again.


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