It was a wedding and I was all dressed up so I was NOT carrying a camera. Thus I found myself using my cell phone, not at all my favorite camera — it isn’t a good telephone and it’s a worse camera. It was, however, the only one I could fit in my evening bag so I did the best I colud.

It was a breathless site from the 66th floor overlooking the harbors! I was shooting through glass, but all things considered, not too bad.

I spent hours last night — like three of them — searching the online world for birdseed that I thought our birds will eat. There is cheaper food, but the birds don’t eat it. They literally toss it aside to get to the better stuff. Everything is backed up for weeks and in a lot of cases, months. I finally found some things on Chewy, so assuming it arrives on a reasonable schedule, the buffet lives.

And here are today’s squares. They are flying and gliding squirrels in the light of the moon. In some, you can see their big shining eyes.

From the top of the Harbor

4 thoughts on “BOSTON HARBOR FROM THE TOP – Marilyn Armstrong

  1. We just used up our bird seed feeding ducks at the nearby creek. I find that as spring arrives, the birds abandon the feeders, so we might as well pelt the ducks with fistfuls of flying seed. They at least seemed appreciative.


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