Sorry. I just wasn’t feeling inspired today. So I’m posting my favorites and most popular from the past few weeks. I’ve been writing a lot and every now and then, it’s hard to find something to say I haven’t already said.

I spent hours last night — like three of them — searching the online world for birdseed that I thought our birds will eat. There is cheaper food, but the birds don’t eat it. They literally toss it aside to get to the better stuff. Everything is backed up for weeks and in a lot of cases, months. I finally found some things on Chewy, so assuming it arrives on a reasonable schedule, the buffet lives.

And here are today’s squares. They are flying and gliding squirrels in the light of the moon. In some, you can see their big shining eyes.

Past lives and the full moon

You can see how tiny the squirrel really is when his wings are folded … and those shining eyes

A glider and a feeder by the light of the full moon

Sketching the squirrel

Duochrome flyer on the feeder

10 thoughts on “FLYING GLIDING UP IN THE AIR SQUIRRELS – Marilyn Armstrong

    • They are breeding now, so they are very hungry. But I am not filling the feeder every day. For one thing, it is getting hard to find the seeds — pet food and birdseed is getting scarce food. But also, if I want to keep feeding them, I have to cut down to an amount of food I can afford. I don’t know how many flyers we have, but I think probably a dozen or two. Maybe even more. They live in large families, typically in hollow trees or in anyone’s attic into which they can get!


    • I’m getting creative. Those black & white pictures need some creativity to make them interesting … and this is a super moon. Well, it’s ending now, but for the last couple of days, it’s been very big in the sky. Also, there are four planets visible to the naked eye: Venus, Mars, Jupiter and I’m forgetting the other one. That’s very rare. They announced it on the news. Something to keep us busy, I guess.

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