THE MUSIC OF JOHN PRINE – Marilyn Armstrong

John Prine died two days ago of complications related to COVID 19. He had survived throat and lung cancer and was finally well enough to go back on the road. He had a tour planned and I was so happy for him. I have been a big fan of his for the past 20 years.  I loved his music, his attitude, his love for the common struggling man in a harsh world.

While I was growing up, my world was entirely full of classical, baroque, and other “serious” music. Eventually, I added many other individuals and groups, as well as many other categories of music. John Prine was one of my favorites from the first time I heard him sing.

This was on Stephen Colbert’s show a few days ago.

The original song

John Prine was a latecomer to my “playlist,” but he remains a favorite. For years, he was best known as a songwriter rather than as a singer. Nonetheless, though he never had a melodious voice, he had such a lot of emotion and power in his words and guitar (he was a great guitarist), it was always worth hearing the original John Prine. These are songs I particularly enjoy. They would always cheer me when I was blue. It’s a sad date today because John Prine is no longer with us.

Not everyone heard of John Prine, but he wrote many songs. He sang them himself on various recordings, most of which I once owned on vinyl.

John Prine sings about life. He always had a sense of humor. He wrote great, witty lyrics and melodies. What more do you need? Because to me, that’s music. A sentiment … several sentiments … to which I can really relate. John Prine. Singing one of my favorites.

Life according to John Prine. Thanks, John! Your music will live on, but it will be a sadder world without you.

There is a tribute to him in today’s New York Times:

There will be another post from Rich Paschall tomorrow. I can’t remember how many times I’ve played his songs on Serendipity for no better reason than I have always loved them and him. The love will live on.

11 thoughts on “THE MUSIC OF JOHN PRINE – Marilyn Armstrong

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  2. I’m catching up on my reader and spotted this. I sent out a similar response. Loved John Prine. My dear friends of over 40 years, local favorites, Riley and Maloney, sang a lot of his stuff so that was my primary connection to him. Just Loved him. What a loss.



    • He was an exceptional quotable lyricist, wasn’t he? I loved his music before I knew he wrote it because I heard so many of them sung by others. And he was just about ready to get back into the business again. A great talent is gone.

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