I don’t put the night camera up every night. I need a couple of days to process pictures. And sometimes, I need more time than that. For some reason, on the night of April 7, the raccoons didn’t show up, so I got 1020 (that seems to be the number) pictures of flying squirrels. I also got to see more squirrels.

Usually, I only see one Flying Squirrel at the time, but this time, you could see the squirrels doubled up on the big feeder and on the smaller feeder and sometimes, flying too. I couldn’t get all the pictures together as a square.

The feeders are spread out across the deck and squaring them is nearly impossible or at the very least, awkward. Nonetheless, I think I got some good ones here. If you look carefully, you can see their paws stretched out in front of them as they glide to their destination.

Just because it’s so awfully cute!

They’ve got pretty good control of that whole gliding thing. They land exactly where they intend to land.

20 thoughts on “MORE SQUARE FLYING SQUIRRELS – Marilyn Armstrong

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      • They were in rare form! Well, the camera took 1020 pictures — ALL flying squirrels. I deleted about 550 of them. Some shots, you can’t see them because they are on the opposite side of the feeder and sometimes, it’s the wind moving the feeder. Some of the pictures showed so little of the squirrel, there wasn’t anything to take a picture of or the picture was there, but so tiny I couldn’t make it big enough to be entirely visible. But these were not bad and after messing with them for a while, you could actually see that in the wings, there really WAS a little white fuzzy squirrel.


    • And they LOOK like they are having fun. They don’t eat tons of food, either. The Raccoons eat a LOT. I always know when the raccoons were out because the feeder is empty in the morning, or nearly empty. But if the raccoons aren’t out, the feeder is still only about a quarter down. Unlike our gray squirrels who have to eat to keep their teeth from overgrowing their mouths, these guys don’t have that kind of teeth, so they eat what they need and glide off into the wood. They really have that gliding thing under good control, too! They land exactly where they want to land. Now, if they could just learn to flap!

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    • I wish I could see them more clearly, but it’s fun having them here. I’ve only seen them once with my eyes. What were those furry flying things? I thought maybe they were some strange white bird … but there was no such bird and so I discovered a woods full of flying squirrels.


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