Cee’s Black & White Photo Challenge:
Anything with a Motor or Engine

I probably have a lot of engines in my folders, but they are all in folders by month and year, which makes locating them pretty difficult. I do, however, have an absolute favorite engine picture.

This amazing car hangs from the ceiling of the dealer where we bought our last three cars. I sometimes stand under it, camera in hand, with just a little brain tickle that the car might fall and crush me, and marvel at it.

Plymouth Prowler

Hoisted Plymouth Prowler – a very rare car!

Cee's Black-White

6 thoughts on “START YOUR ENGINES PLEASE! – Marilyn Armstrong

  1. There are cars hanging from the ceiling of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame – they were on a U2 album, zooropa. Maybe not as cool as a Prowler, but still, U2 😉


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