Fandango’s Provocative Question #65

A very relevant question this time.

To a large degree, I’ve already answered this question in a couple of posts, as has Tom Curley. It’s certainly a question we have all asked each other. Meanwhile, our president is not merely a moron. He is a murderer. Thank the heavens that we have governors who seem to actually care about the people who live in their states.

The question is:

First, yes, we are living in a locked-down state. Massachusetts is just beginning to surge. Here in Worcester County, we have no tests. When Owen asked his doctor if he could get a test, she just laughed.

We have no way to figure out who has it, or who already had it. The only place there is testing is in Boston and we aren’t there. Out here, we have no tests, no grocery delivery, and empty shelves in the grocery because all the deliveries go to Boston and almost nothing comes out this way.

May 1st is just two weeks away. Since we have no tests or a vaccine, essentially if Garry and I were to take Coronahead seriously, we’d likely be dead in a couple of weeks. The reality is that until most of us have been tested and a vaccine has been authorized — and enough people have been vaccinated to limit the potential spread of the disease — we aren’t going anywhere.

Why not? Well, let’s see. Garry is 78 and by age alone is highly vulnerable. I’m a mere 73, but I’ve got asthma and have had major heart surgery, which makes me super vulnerable. Or, to put it another way, our doctor said (and I quote): “You and your husband are not going anywhere. Nowhere. You get this disease and you are both dead. So you aren’t going anywhere!”

We haven’t gone anywhere nor have we plans to go anywhere. For me, until most people have been tested and we know who was sick and who is sick, we can’t even think about it.

How are we going to handle a presidential election? Are they going to send us paper ballots that we can mail? Probably in Massachusetts and New York, but there are a lot of states that might not. In those states, the people who are most likely to vote — senior citizens — won’t go anywhere near a polling place.

Everything the president has said is a lie. A big lie or a gigantic lie. The millions of tests we are supposed to have never arrived, The drive-through test sites? There is one in the entire state and I’m betting most states have none. We don’t know how many sick people there are in many states because they’ve done no testing on anyone.

So when are we going to feel safe going out?

When there are tests and we know who is or was sick and there’s a vaccine. And most people have been vaccinated. That could be months away. Maybe a year away. This could be a very long siege.

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  1. We have a “Safer at Home” order, so some orders have been lifted, but I see everyone out and about mingling. I expect to see a spike in the virus. You never know, this virus is highly contagious. It’s best to be safe. I wear a mask, and thoroughly wash my hands when I am out. I avoid crowds.
    I don’t think we are safe until there’s a vaccine, and that is 12-18 months from now, but you cannot rush science.


    • I agree. Both of us are very vulnerable and there haven’t been almost any tests in this county. I think NOW finally, we’ve got some testing kits. We are going to have to go out a bit in May and June. We both have other medical issues we can’t ignore much longer, and we need to see our doctors. For people our age with serious underlying issues, this is a lethal disease. I hear they are making progress on a vaccine in England. It doesn’t mean that Orangehead will allow a non-American vaccine to be used here. He is such a moron.

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  2. I am hiding out until June.

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  3. I’ve been voting by mail since 2010 and I am confident that California will still offer mail-in voting. However, with Trump bound and determined to not fund the post office and probably put it out of business, I’m not sure how — or if — they’ll ever be delivered.

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  4. We are in the same boat here, Marilyn. Our infection and death rate is nowhere near yours yet but I keep reading that the Southern hemisphere is going to get badly hit this winter which is on its way. Who knows what to believe from any government. Stay safe and well. I hope you can manage with your food situation, that is rather scary.


    • In the very few states where the governors didn’t issue a “stay at home” order, meatpackers went seriously viral and they had to close the two largest pork packing plants and one huge beef packing plant. This is what’s wrong with having everything owned by one conglomerate. So finding meat is going to be difficult and a lot of truckers are ill, too, so deliveries are so and spotty. Part of OUR problem is that we are in a small town, just one grocery (though there are others in nearby towns). Even so, this is a thinly populated area, so we don’t get a lot of deliveries anyway. Now, it’s much worse. None of us know how this is going to go. If too many states “open up” too soon, we’ll have another spike in viruses and it’ll be like the first one, but maybe worse. Amazing how little good our healthcare facilities are able to do. There are no cures for this, just ways to try and deal with each problem as it arises. I really never imagined something like this hitting this country. And it didn’t have to BE this bad. We just have the world’s worst president who has cornmeal for brains.

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      • I didn’t know about the meat situation. That is bad and is what I expect to happen here down the line [in a few months when we are into our winter]. Strangely, I though the US would manage well with all your technology and mechanization. None of us imagined something like this. This is Stephen King territory.


        • These were states that were sure they didn’t have a problem. So one person got sick and then the rest of the crew got sick and there was no one left to work. And because we have centralized these industries … meatpacking, wheat grinding … all the major food groups have been taken over by huge companies, if one goes down, that’s half the pork in the country and when TWO go down, that’s most of the pork. We also have one beef packing plant down, which is another 50% of beef. And the stuff that vegetarians or Vegans eat is not widely distributed and it is expensive. This is what happens when you consolidate whole industries into comglomerates. It was a bad idea in the 1800s and 1900s and it’s STILL a bad idea. Also, if there’s a disease — like mad cow, for example — the entire industry would have to close down. We can get sick and that’s one problem, but if the animals get sick, that’s another problem and I don’t think you can isolate cows and pigs.

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          • No, you can’t isolate animals. There have been some animals that have contracted this virus which is another worry altogether. This conglomerate situation is a world wide thing, except maybe in Britain where there are still a lot of small owner-managed businesses. Maybe this disease will have the upside of changing some of these negative things that have taken over our world.


      • Now we have those people in Florida and other places hitting the beaches with encouragement from Donzo. What could go wrong?


  5. We’re in the same position…..ages and I have a lung condition. We’re going nowhere. Friends have been wonderful getting us groceries so far. I don’t see this situation ending before next year. By then, they may have found a solution. Nature is having its say.


    • I have you as anonymous, but I obviously do know you 🙂 I think next year is not unreasonable and that’s if they make the vaccine accessible and distribute it quickly and most people get vaccinated. There are so many idiots who have decided they’d rather die than get vaccinated. We really have an awful lot of really stupid people wandering the globe.


  6. Texas yesterday just went for mail in ballots. Colorado has had that for years. As long as dickwad doesn’t eliminate the postal service, we’re good. I hate the president, BTW.


    • I just looked ours up. We’ve always had absentee ballots and ballots for anyone who is physically disabled or has a religious reason (what in the world could THAT be?) for avoiding a polling place and now there are special COVID 19 rules that basically cover everything … but are only good (as of right now) until June 30th. I don’t think they are sure what they are going to do for the national election, so these rules are for local elections (there are a bunch of them all over the state). We don’t have any because we voted on Super Tuesday and don’t have a mayor or any elections until November — in THIS town, anyway. Each town has its own election setup, But we can download the ballots and either snail or email them to Town Hall. There’s only one place to send it — Town Hall which, I think, is closed — and it’s dead in the middle of town. If you are going there, you might as well vote. I think that’s why we didn’t do paper ballots last year. It seemed more trouble than it’s worth.

      I have no idea what they will be doing for November, but unless they have a vaccine, we oldies, especially we oldies who have a sufficient number of physical problems OR are just plain OLD are always eligible. For me, unless there’s a lot of testing done and we know who had it or has it, it’s dangerous out there. My vet says we can’t catch it from our dogs, but they might catch it from US.

      It didn’t have to be this bad. What an evil guy we have as president. I don’t think he even cares who dies as long as the stock market looks good. You have any stocks? We don’t either.

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      • he doesn’t care at all. I had stocks but they were all liquidated when my annuity was over. In Colorado we have all mail-in ballots and early voting. There are people who like to go to the polling places, but very few. We also have one of the lowest rates of voter fraud in the US which is why Trump doesn’t want the states to do what we’re doing. I hate him so much. I’m fully capable of taking him out if I had the opportunity. This is why I failed as a hippy. I’m just NOT non-violent. I’m a fierce little Irishwoman if roused.


        • Yup. All the wrong people are dying. I’m not non-violent. I’ve just gotten really good at controlling my temper. That took about 50 years! Garry is very non-violent, but every time Orangehead shows up on TV he starts to shake and we have to change the channel. We can’t afford a new TV. I just hope people remember these days in November … and can get their vote to the polls!


  7. Reblogged this on natshouseblog and commented:
    Couldn’t agree more. Where I live the numbers are small compared to the big hot spots but compared to last month terrible. As of this morning 157 dead in STL area and about 1,5000 in hospital. Grows every day, more and more public service warning, more and more empty stores because delivery people are sick. Trump worried about Trump and his buds, Nothing new there. Wish I had resources to discover who is financing right-wing loonies… is not a spontaneous event. Don’t understand why new media not jumping all over it.


    • I think they are all jumping on the wrong things. There’s no investigative reporting going on. Everyone just talks about the virus and not about how we got here … or for that matter, how we’ll get OUT of this mess. I’m not sure anyone knows. All the wrong people are dying.


  8. Same for me and my husband Marilyn. I have serious lung disease, and y husband is diabetic. We are not going anywhere until there is a vaccine. I too was told by my doctor, “If you get this virus you will die.” Sobering words to hear. Though I kind of knew anyway. I am in the U.K. and we are on lockdown. Just wish we had more space to sit outside! Do you have space to sit and get fresh air Marilyn?


    • In theory, yes, but this hit before we even were able to get the summer furniture set up. So I can stand on the deck, but all the furniture is in stacks on the lawn and if I hang out on the deck, I scare away all the birds. But I need to go look and see if any of our flowers are blooming. I know we have forsythia and dandelions. We probably have some Solomon’s Seal and maybe daffodils. But it has been very cold at night, so I’m not sure. Winter was warm, so spring is icy. Go figure.

      Yes, hearing your doctor tell you if you catch this virus, you WILL die is very sobering.

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      • Oh crikey Marilyn. I didn’t realise you had just moved. We have a lovely forsythia outside our front door but our garden is only very small. Yes sobering is the right word! And it hit home too when I read your post. I hope that you can get a bit sorted. I really do reckon we’re in this for the long haul. Take care x


        • We didn’t just move, but we put everything away in the winter and put it back out in the spring. But by the time spring was thinking about arriving, we were all locked in the house trying to stay alive. So nobody has cleaned the garden or taken the chairs out of storage and anyway, it suddenly got cold just when it was supposed to get warm. So the chairs are all in neat piles and the table is tucked under the deck … and the deck is full of dead leaves which I KNOW I cleaned up in the fall but somehow have returned. The garden is covered in dead oak leaves which are good insulation in the winter, but need to be cleaned up in the spring. So there are flowers (I think), but you can’t see anything because the leaves are still there. I’m usually the only one who rakes the garden, though sometimes Garry helps … but we haven’t done it this year. I suspect we are getting a bit old and tired to do the gardening. And the garden isn’t well designed. When I planted it, I had NO idea what I was doing and it shows. There’s nowhere you can stand where you aren’t crushing something or being attacked by vicious roses. It’s a real mess and I have a feeling that’s the way it’s going to stay, too.

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          • Oh dear. That all sounds really frustrating. It is a bit the same for us, though our back garden is not that big really. We have never got sorted out since we moved and now, it has become very problematic. Today the curtains (drapes do you say?) in the bedroom fell down. The rail to which they are fixed fell down actually and my husband cannot fix it from his wheelchair. I am blind and also in a wheelchair so I can’t reach it either. His wheelchair that is upstairs in the bedroom broke irreparably as well but no way are we letting anyone into the house. Far too dangerous. These are scary times aren’t they Marilyn. Something I for one never thought we would see. I guess we just have to try and sit it out though that is really hard. No choice though. Like you, we are just trying to stay alive. Terrible times.


          • Marilyn — ask somebody about being outside. With no people around, I think you should be ok to be out on the deck, enjoying your summer furniture (could Owen put it out for you?). It feels as if we are supposed to be indoors, but we are being told that the germs are not airborne for any large distance — and you appear to have good distance in all directions from your house. We are also being told that it’s good to be outside for exercise, etc. as long as “social distancing” is observed (at least 6 feet from other people).


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