My arm is not better. It’s just early in the day (for me) and I haven’t had a chance to abuse it yet. I have promised myself to quit when it starts to throb.

When I get up in the morning, I tell Alexa to give me news from Newsy. It’s a bit amateurish and tends to lack details, but it covers more material than the other news sources in a relatively short amount of time. Right now, I’m following the upcoming food shortages with alarm. They never mention them on TV. The only one who has put any serious energy in trying to explain it is Rich Paschall: THE GLOBAL SUPPLY CHAIN DISRUPTION – RICH PASCHALL. This might be a good time to take a look at it. Because it turns out, food doesn’t just “pop up” in our stores, all neatly wrapped. It comes from miles away by refrigerated trucks. With the breakdown in port and beef factories, what’s next? If the food isn’t there, what do we eat? It will make the TP shortage look like nothing.

Most of us have never experienced real hunger. It will be an interesting experience, don’t you think? For those of us who are starving ourselves in the name of fashion, being really hungry because you can’t get food should be downright uplifting. It could be dieting out of fashion!



Do guns protect people or kill people?  Or both?

I have been protected by guns, but not because I had a gun and was sure I could solve problems by shooting people. We have an old, carved wood target rifle in the house, though it hasn’t been loaded in years. Owen cleans it — it was his father’s target rifle, so it’s something of a legacy.

No one has shown any interest in firing it. We used to slaughter paper plates back in the Maine woods using 22 shorts so a missed shot wouldn’t hurt anything. I think we lack that killer instinct. We might think about it, but we aren’t going to do anything about it.

Is it more important to be respected or liked?

Respected, but liked is nice, too.

Is having a big ego a negative or positive trait?  (yeah, I know.  Duh. But there ought to be one “gimme’ in the pile)

Having a big ego is fine as long as you keep it to yourself and don’t use it as a club to annoy everyone else.

A bit of healthy ego is fine. Lethal narcissism isn’t ego — it’s a mental disease. We all knew that, right?

Depending on your point of view, is death a new beginning? 

No. Or, as Ronnie Reagan says in his commercials, “Not afraid of burning in Hell.”

Gratitude? See the photographs.

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  1. I read an article about the potential for food shortages just the other day and I know that your stores have already become expensive and you are finding it hard to get stuff so I do worry about you. It’s one of those situations where even if you had the money to shop would there be anything to shop for. I wish I lived close enough to send you something too. I hope those cheques show up soon and as for the special letter from Trump, well I am sure you know what to do with that.


    • You know, when there isn’t food, no amount of money — short of billions when you can import France — will do it. I think we’ll mainly be short of meat. If it ever stops raining and warms up enough for something to grow, we have a lot of produce and dairy products locally. We used to have a lot more farming, but they gave up. Land was so expensive and for the price of their land, they could buy much better land in the midwest where the soil is rich AND flat AND not full of rocks.

      But there will be a food shortage and Trump notwithstanding, you can’t force sick people to go back to work. It won’t last forever, but it’s going to make life very difficult for an awful lot of people. And the price of food is going up and up and up. We’ll do the best we can, like everyone else. I wish they would keep sending money. We got it today and after paying down a few credit debts, there’s not much left. Funny how fast it disappears when you’ve been broke for a long time.

      Strange world we are living in.

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  2. Guns, and especially handguns: I live in a gun friendly state where people are allowed to openly own and wear a gun as long as it is in a holster and publicly displayed. Of course I came from NYC where gun ownership was strictly prohibited unless properly licensed. We could own rifles for hunting and target shooting, but were hard to conceal. Never the less the thought of handguns fascinated me once arriving here. Let me tell you that that fascination quickly went away once I experienced the awesome power one of these things placed in your hands, not to mention the even greater responsibility and threat of damage due to mishandling and accidental discharge. Sadly, even anti-gun folks begin to think about personal protection these days.


  3. Thanks Marilyn for using a bit of your strength and remaining arm viability to Share Your World. I’ve only shot a rifle once in my life and it was at a target. They didn’t tell me about the kick back effect, and I got a wicked bruise on my shoulder for a reward. I don’t really like guns, but I see where they might be becoming necessary. A sensible sized one, not those idiotic military grade weapons that yahoos around here seem to enjoy owning. Utah is fairly full of ‘gun nuts’ – people who beat a person over the head with cries of the right to bear arms, but who yell even louder if it is suggested that education in the proper use of the weapon and sensible laws (which would prevent people like myself from owning one) are a good idea. I bet the heritage rifle you have would be enough to put someone off who was trying to rob you. In short term anyway. I’m appalled and frightened about the food news coming from back there. Here, we’re still good, but the increasing development has paved over a lot of our farm land and I have said frequently – what the hell will we eat when all there are are strip malls and housing everywhere? It’s terrifying. I hope you reach out if you need help. Without being invasive (or stalkerish) I’d be willing to send you a care package if you need it. LDS folks have food storage see, it’s an idea that has been drummed into me since I was tiny. I don’t have a lot, but have enough and to spare. I’m frightened for you and your family. I’d truly like to help if you want. Let me know. Take care and thanks for those beautiful photographs. You are amazing.


    • Thank you. I might actually need to do that. I think the east coast is going to be hard hit because all our farmers moved to Iowa or Kansas years ago. We have produce — tomatoes and lettuce and cucumbers and squash and corn — and dairy, but nothing else. And what we have is not nearly enough for the population. As soon as money shows up (should be tomorrow), we need to start packing our freezers with meat. They aren’t big freezers. It’s going to be tricky in the coming weeks. I don’t think Orangehead ordering people to work even though they are sick is going to work very well!


    • Hi Melanie B Cee
      I spent a couple of years, in Salt Lake, working for a media production company. I made a few decent friends, and was able to discuss the sense of taking care of their own. The system seemed completely independent of federal, and local, government. It was impressive and I feel privileged to have had the opportunity to witness it. Outside of the dominant religion, in Utah, we could learn a lot from the people there..,especially now.


  4. Sorry that your arm is still hurting. Hopefully it will start to improve soon.


  5. I wondering about this death – new beginning idea. Sounds interesting….


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